Thursday, December 21, 2017


Students at a technical/trade school are striking a blow against the cultural Marxist, PC stranglehold on their "Libisota" campus by launching Operation Snowflake.

Taking their theme from the popular 4Chan campaign, It's OK to be white, Operation Snowflake posters advertise the slogans "IT'S OK TO BE WHITE," "IT'S OK TO BE ASIAN," IT"S OK TO BE BROWN," "IT'S OK TO BE BLACK." 

Printed off-campus, the posters are placed in strategic positions in the school. According to Swanky, a 52 year old Machine Tool Technology student and MAGA Knight, the posters are a "social experiment."

"I want to track where each poster is and track which ones are ripped down. It's just a social experiment, designed to melt snowflakes."

The group of disaffected machinists went into action after discovering safe spaces at the school, featuring coloring books and cuddly dogs.

"This is what higher education has come to," stated Swanky, "Coloring books and a petting zoo. I go to a tech/trade school and thought it was the last stand against Social Justice Warrior culture. I was wrong. The 'It's OK to be white' posters will be ripped down and reported, I guarantee it."

Operation Snowflake is a grass roots movement, gaining traction across the Midwest and beyond. 

Operation Snowflake cadres describe themselves as MAGA Knights and carry self-forged hammers made of US Steel.

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LL said...

The Monkeywrench gang strikes!

But what will students do if there isn't a petting zoo? I'd suggest that they celebrate Melania Mondays but she's white and heterosexual and wealthy and conservative, which is like kryptonite to the progs.

Adrienne said...

Good grief...

LSP said...

OPERATION SNOWFLAKE goes live in January, LL. Stay tuned. And who knows, maybe the aspiring techs will tear down their Lena Dunham posters and replace them with inspiring images of America's popular and glamorous First Lady.

Melania as kryptonite? GOOD CALL.

LSP said...

I see Operation Snowflake being a massive hit, Adrienne. Let's see which posters are torn down...

Brig said...

Operation Snowflake sounds like a plan. Can't wait to see how it works out. Keep us posted, Padre.