Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Lord Of Light

Normally the Compound isn't decorated for Christmas because all of the energy goes into Dallas HQ but this year's different because there's a rumour of children. So I slung up some lights to get the team in the mood for our Lord's birthday.

Typical Ladbroke Grove Street Scene

It was appreciated, "That looks really good, dad!" Well, just wait 'til you delve deep into the stocking and find a lump of anthracite. "Hey, Merry Christmas. And here's some boot polish, these sturdy brogues aren't going to clean themselves!"

Let's Have This Back

In other news, a church in Kingston on Thames is busy celebrating the birth of Mohammad for Advent and the Diocese of London has elected some Judy as its bishop figure.

Some Kind of Joke?

Good call, CofE, you took the wrong step years ago.

Rock on,



LindaG said...

Sad about the bishop election.

The fireplace looks wonderful!

Merry Christmas to all and a blessed New Year!

LL said...

You need to post photos of the decorations at the Dallas house. Nobody expects the cantonment to be heavily decorated by anything but swords, saddles, unicorn heads mounted to the wall... and a stuffed monkey...

Jules said...

De - Light-ful


LSP said...

Juliette, groove is in the heart.

Then there's Nik Turner.

LSP said...

LL -- Must. Get. Monkey!

LSP said...

Thanks, Linda!

Merry Christmas!