Thursday, March 3, 2016

Cursitor Doom Attacks Trump!

Celebrity Aleister Crowley lookalike, Cursitor Doom, popularly known as Giles Fraser, believes that Donald Trump "models the anti-Christ." Writing in the UK's Guardian, Doom gets all Book of Thoth on his Trumpian nemesis.

"On the poor, on appealing to fear, on telling the truth, on sexual ethics, on (not) loving his enemies, on making greed his God, Trump models the anti-Christ."

He does? By wanting to make poor people richer by getting them jobs, and calling out the bought and paid for cronyism in America's ruling political elite? Such a Satan. By saying that countries should have borders and Islam's a problem? Well that's evil and even worse, the man's a heterosexual with a hot wife. What. A. Sinner.

Pompeius Magnus Redivivus -- Note Gold

Still, Trump's obviously Pompeius Magnus Redivivus, though possibly richer, and no one's going to call him a saint. But anti-Christ? C'mon Doom, you're just mad that a really popular anti-lib might get into power and undo all the hard, well paid work that millionaire socialists have done to turn America into a larger version of Sweden. But that's by the by. More seriously, Cursitor Doom accuses America of worshiping itself, of idolatrous nationalist self-deification. 

Cursitor Doom

"The death of God," writes Doom, portentously, "comes in many diverse and peculiar forms. In America, it is the flag and not the cross that takes pride of place in the sanctuary."

There's a lot of God fearing, churchgoing Christians in America, many of whom take pride in their country and their flag and aren't ashamed to see it in the sanctuary. They also believe in the Gospel and think that Jesus is God, really God, and attempt to obey and live by the Scriptures while doing good by their neighbor.

Giles Fraser

Pretty basic Christianity, perhaps, but it is Christian and many of its adherents will vote for Trump, albeit reluctantly, because they see him as being on their side against corrupt big government and the aggressive anti-Christian secularism of the left.

If there's an anti-Christ in the room it's this latter party, not Trump, and you, Cursitor Doom, are on the wrong side. The side of Crowley, Sanger, Lenin, Soros, Hillary and the nihilists that want to destroy what's left of Christian culture in the West. 

You might want to think twice before slinging anti-Christ around, Rev. Doom, it might just rebound.



LL said...

Trump is a successful businessman with a hot wife and $10 billion. Naturally he draws the ire of people who aspire to have what he has. I think that Little Marco (with his rat claw hands) had a shot at the VP slot for Trump, but it didn't work out for him. Cruz is so polemic with all that he says that I find it difficult to take him serious, though he is a serious candidate. Kasich is running for VP.

The insiders fear Trump, thus his appeal to me. Trump is a Nationalist (meaning if it's good for America, it's good). I am of a similar mind. We do what's good for us and for our close allies and the rest can muddle along as best they can.

Julie Culshaw said...

I think it is ironic that people are supporting Trump because they think he is anti-establishment. But Trump got to exactly where he is by working with the establishment; just listen to him justify his business dealings, bankruptcies by saying that it was all within the law. This guy has worked the law and the establishment to get what he has. And now people think he will turn and bite the hand that feeds him?

Mad Padre said...

I have no idea who Cursitor Doom is and could not care less. But, I did wonder what LSP thinks of Trump and now I think I know.

LSP said...

If he gets elected there'll be a lot of McMansions for sale, cheap, in Fairfax County, LL. I like that prospect.

LSP said...

I'd agree with you about the irony, Julie, but the tasseled loafer inside the Beltway brigade fear him because he threatens to turn off their cash spigot. Is it empty rhetoric? Possibly, perhaps even likely, but I like the call.

LSP said...

Cursitor Doom is a comic book figure who looks like Aleister Crowley who looks like Giles Fraser -- the famous lib CofE clergyperson. Some think they're all one and the same entity.

That said, I'm more of a Pompeian Trumpist than a Fraserite Lefty, but wouldn't class myself as either. Will Trump win the presidency and fire the gravy trainers? Someone needs to.

LL said...

Normally before you run for president they need a LOT of dirt on you, you need to take a lot of money from a lot of people and produce laws and regulations that favor them...then you're trusted.

Reagan knew nothing about national security before he became president. He'd been an actor, a union leader and then a governor.

LSP said...

I'd forgotten about the union leader bit. But let's hope the pantsuited demon reaches the end of the line.