Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Unicorn Attacks

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a rainbow wellie stamping on a 
human face - forever.

A Christian student, Felix Ngole, has been expelled from Sheffield University in the U.K. for daring to say that he was opposed to gay marriage. Yes, that's right, this hate-filled bigot had the sheer temerity to say, on Facebook no less, that marriage is something that takes place between a man and a woman. 

Felix Ngole was subsequently gored by the college's Rainbow Unicorn and hoofed off its social worker studies course. According to the University's Special Tolerance Unit Police Department (STUPD), Ngole has been "excluded from further study on a programme leading to a professional qualification" and "is no longer recognised as a University student." You heard that correctly, he was kicked out of the school. STUPD tells us why. 

He "may have caused offence to some individuals" and had "transgressed boundaries which are not deemed appropriate for someone entering the Social Work profession." May have offended someone? Well we can't have that kind of thing going on at a University, can we. And what a gender identity fascist for crossing the rainbow boundary of the gay marriage juggernaut. He should count himself lucky he wasn't sent to a gulag or shot with an environmentally friendly lead-free bullet, or both.

A Typical Scene at Sheffield University

I wish this was a joke, but it's not, especially for Ngole who committed the thought crime of saying what humans have always believed, that marriage is heterosexual. For that error he's feeling the wrath of the Pink Stasi and its one horned god.

OK, what did he expect, it's Sheffield U and a social worker course, but still. You can read all about it here. Ngole's being represented by the Christian Legal Centre.

I hope he wins.



LL said...

OMG, it really is 1984.

LSP said...

Bake. The. Cake.

Fredd said...

I am loathe to mention this, but what this guy did was not all that bright. I attended the U. of Oregon for my undergrad studies, possibly the most liberal public university on the planet. Every professor I had in every class was a card carrying Marxist or Communist. Or both. If I had raised my hand and disagreed with every professor who spewed liberal nonsense, I would have never graduated, either. They likely would not have kicked me out of school like this guy, but I think that getting straight D's would have put a kaibash on my future at Oregon.

I kept my hand down. Which is what this guy should have done. Cowardly? Maybe. Practical, most assuredly.

Anonymous said...

"If you cannot speak your mind on a University Campus, then where can you?"

Richard Dawkins

LSP said...

I give my eldest son the same advice, Fredd. But I get the feeling that Ngole may have thought Facebook was "safe."

Bad error, Ngole.

LSP said...

Now, now, Anonymous, We can't be having that. Criticizing your Pink Rulers isn't free speech! It's oppression. Hand yourself in to the nearest re-education centre immediately.

lukeya said...

Oddly enough Padre, that well known Christian Bigot, Peter Tatchell wrote an article in the Grauniad the other day (I'll try and dig out the reference) also defending the right of free speech on the Marriage issue (in defence of some Christian bakers). When one of the UK's leading gay, socialist activists is opposed to the way things are going, you really are in very murky water indeed.

LSP said...

Tatchell -- that's a blast from the past. Good for him, standing up against the thought police. His old gambit was to "out" Anglican bishops. Mean trick, if amusing.