Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Chrism Mass

With images in my mind of the Religion of Peace dropping rainbows, flowers and unicorns on the New World Order's capital city, Brussels, I drove to the Metrosprawl for our Chrism Mass.

It was good to be with the faithful priests and bishops of the diocese, even though there wasn't any liturgical dance, or womyn parading about in pointed hats. 

A Typical Scene in the Metrosprawl

That gang of misfits have been suing our diocese for the last 7 or so years because we declared UDI. They even set up an alternate diocese, with our name, as a platform for litigation.

That's not going too well for them and neither is cashflow, which is why they're asking the Episcopal Church for a subsidy of $750,000 to pay their clergy. It seems Texans aren't too keen on their version of church.

But Blue Liturgist isn't fazed. He's busy meditating on higher things, on the floor.

God bless,



LL said...

You aren't mainstream if you don't have cherubic (kind way of saying 'fat') lesbians wearing comfortable shoes and pantsuits engaging in liturgical dance, wearing pointed hats, etc. Those accouterments make the LGBTQ community feel much more comfortable and indeed, are also welcoming to pagans, wiccans and Satanists. I think that three quarters of a million dollars is a small price for CofE to fork over to keep liturgical dance in services.

Anonymous said...

we attended the Chrism Mass in our Diocese last night at well; it was a beautiful service. The choir was outstanding, as expected. It was wonderful to see all the priests giving the blessing of the oils, and to hear the Bishop's praise and encouragement for the priests. May they strengthen the faith of their flocks, and increase their numbers.

LSP said...

I'd say you're preaching to the converted, LL. But their local Fort Worth franchise appears to be suffering from a sudden lack of funds. Could it be that the Bass family has withdrawn support and scooted off to the ulta lib Presbyterians?

LSP said...

Glad to hear that B&B -- ours was uplifting, too.

God bless!