Friday, March 25, 2016


Shocking photographic evidence has emerged that Hillary Clinton is a Reptilian.

Hillary Clinton's Eye

Photos clearly show Democratic frontrunner, Hillary Clinton, with yellow irises, long, slitted pupils and green-hued skin, all primary Reptilian characteristics.

Close Up of Hillary's Eye

Paranormal experts believe that reptilians are interdimensional beings who "inhabit" or take over a human body, either through compatible DNA or through the host body's "negativity."

Artist's Impression of a Reptilian

"People who live in a state of negativity, fear, anger, violence, aggression," stated one Reptilian observer, "are creating an energy within their body that is compatible with the reptilian energy (which is based on many of these traits) Just as humans draw to them other people who have similar energy to theirs other Beings do also [Sic]."

When candidate Clinton was taken over by a reptoid entity is unclear, although evidence points to some time in the 1970s.

Yoko Ono was unavailable for comment.



LL said...

The evidence is damning.

When I met Hillary, it wasn't her skin color or her eyes, but her reptilian heart that struck me. She could have worn make up and contacts to disguise the appearance but the telltale heart is tough to mask.

GruntOfMonteCristo said...

I agree with LL. The evidence is overwhelming. Good one, LSP!

LSP said...

I've never met Hillary, LL, but I hope you got away unscathed.

LSP said...

I'd say the photographic evidence alone proves it, GruntOfMonteCristo.