Sunday, March 20, 2016

Palm Sunday Prepper

"I've always been a prepper, because I've always been prepared, but some of these guys are too narrow. Their plan lacks perspective... I turn up at their fort with a canon and I start pounding that compound with hot shot. What then? Yeah, maybe they run out, perhaps they sally forth. I want that, I want them in my kill box." (From An Operator in Texas)

Don't get me wrong, I think it's right to be prepared but some ways make more sense than others, which is how the conversation flowed after Palm Sunday Mass #2.

"So how's the 'community'?"
"You know, there's a lot of people out there prepping for the least likely of all scenarios."
"Like the Hillary campaign getting honest?"
"Yeah, or an asteroid hitting the earth, whatever."
"Or some TAC guy turns up and starts shelling you with a trebuchet."
"Right. They're all concentrating on these never-gonna-happen outcomes."

Until, of course, that they do. But seriously, what's wrong with getting back to basics? Learning, for example, how to hunt, clean and cook your own food? Knowing, if you don't already, how to shoot, or being able to live because you sensibly know how to grow food and had the foresight to ensure that you'd have water if the grid goes down? 

And on. The point being, go off and learn all the AR 15 drills you can, and more power to you; become an ace shot, why not? Stockpile ammo, even, but more importantly, learn basic self-sufficiency. 

There just might come a point when that'll stand you in good stead, and it's a virtue in itself. 

Except, of course, when it comes to God. Then it's just wicked pride.

Prep On,



Mattexian said...

I've said elsewhere, this generation's prepper is our grandparents' neighbor, storing away the harvest for next year. (Isn't there something in the Old Testament about storing up for seven years? I'm pretty sure *some* church members still subscribe to that, no matter how fringe they are on other topics.) A point I've read elsewhere, is the folly of some preppers to store seeds, in hope of growing a garden from zero when the SHTF. A better plan would be growing a Victory Garden now, then it can be scaled up for full-time green groceries.

I've got that little Ham radio, still figuring it out, 'cause I'm stubborn like that. I wanted to start cheap, since I *do* have my license courtesy my time in the State Guard (they wanted us to be able to pick up *any* radio and use it legally, tho there's no guarantee of skillfulness).

LSP said...

I think a Victory Garden makes good sense, and fun too.