Tuesday, March 15, 2016

And it's a Knockout!

Sad face Rubio

GOP Establishment champion and Illuminati hopeful, Rat Claw Rubio, was trounced tonight in his own state, Florida, by billionaire maverick, Donald Trump.

The Bronze Age

Trump smashed Rubio in Florida, getting a whopping 47% of the Republican vote compared to Rat Claw's insignificant 27%, prompting the diminutive professional politician to drop out of the race altogether.

A Typical GOP Establishment Scene

But Florida was just one of a string of Trump victories this evening, including Illinois, and North Carolina, putting what some call a "Bronze Age Chieftain in the service of Loki" on a clear trajectory to the GOP nomination. It seems Republicans are in a state of revolt against their own corrupt, self-serving, crony capitalist, tassel-loafered elites.

Not so much the Democrats, who gave Hillary Clinton a handy win against their own insurgent, Bernie Sanders. So what if she's got a trail of bodies behind her, is the political analogue to Martha Stewart and is looking down the barrel of a Federal indictment. None of that mattered, apparently, to Democrats on Super Tuesday.

But what do I think? As if anyone cared. I'll tell you anyway.

NWO Puppet Shill

I think that the sooner our gang of corrupt, self-serving, b/millionaire ruling elite, who owe no allegiance to any people, nation or creed, other than themselves, get kicked out of power the better. Good luck with that, you say, sensibly, and I'd be inclined to agree.

Still, Republicans are at least attempting the shot, however implausibly. The Democrats have all but given in and endorsed Hillary. I scorn them for that.

Illuminati Stage Stunt

Regardless, Rat Claw has finally, at last, after long drawn-out shame and agony thrown in the towel. Marco and Jeb!, between them, spent $200 million on their respective campaigns. How, in any sense of the word, is that moral?

Someone said, tonight, "What if that'd been spent on crippled children?"

Kick out the JAMS.



LL said...

Will the powers of truth, justice and the American way prevail over the darkness that is Hillary?

It remains to be seen.

Fredd said...

Rubio: too young, too ambitious, too eager to please a latino constituency whose loyalties nobody can put a finger on. All of that did him in, plus a few missteps on the stump. Maybe next time, Marco.

Hillary Clinton: too crooked, too evil, too many bodies buried where too many people can find them. This indictment can't come soon enough for me. I would tell my ham sandwich joke here, but it's getting awfully stale, and people are rolling their eyes at it now. I guess I need new material...

Anonymous said...

Hilz and her illuminati stage stunts...

Anonymous said...

A Lawyer with political ambition, sacked for illegal activities during Watergate - now that should be a big story. Why have we never heard about it this side of the pond?

Infidel de Manahatta said...

But on the bright side.........um. Give me a second I'll think of something.

LSP said...

I sure hope so, LL.

LSP said...

I like that joke, Fredd, but that's not to say I'm not looking forward to the new one. Hillary For Prison '16.

LSP said...

She does carry on, Holly. Shameless.

LSP said...

Strange, isn't it, Anonymous.

LSP said...

Look on the bright side, Infidel. Rat Claw's off the ticket.