Saturday, March 5, 2016

Dallas Saint

Archbishop Dmitri died in 2011 and was buried, unembalmed. His body was transferred yesterday to St. Saraphim's Cathedral in Dallas. The body was found to be incorrupt.

Rod Dreher comments.

When the cemetery personnel opened his coffin, they found Vladyka Dmitri incorrupt.
That is to say, his body had not decayed. He has been buried for four and a half years under the Texas ground, and his body looks like it did the day he died.
This is a miracle. In Orthodox and Roman Catholic Christianity, it is seen as a sign that the deceased was, and is, a saint.
If you read The Brothers Karamazov, you may remember that whether or not the deceased Elder Zosima was incorruptible was a feature of the narrative.

I believe Dmitri was a genuinely holy man. He had a great love of Fr. Homer Rogers, some will know who I mean, and as I understand it was brought to catholicism (Anglican) by him, and then moved to Orthodoxy. But perhaps I'm wrong, they were certainly friends.

Dmitri shares the same name as the martyred Tsarevitch, who was also found incorrupt. And at the risk of irreverence, in strong contradistinction to our establishment pay-to-play ruling elites.

Let's have more sanctity, please, and less corruption.

You can and should read Dreher's article here.

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LL said...

I hope that they're not going to leave the casket open there in one of the Dallas church buildings. It may end up being medieval where people take pieces of the dead saint for this or that talisman.

LSP said...

Good point -- I'd imagine it'll be closed... But well done, Dmitri. A holy man.