Saturday, March 26, 2016

Banana Republic?

Have we become a Banana Republic? ZeroHedge seems to think so. Here's an excerpt:
Perkins: It’s been interesting because, in the past, the economic hit man economy was being propagated in order to make America wealthier and presumably to make people here better off, but as this whole process has expanded in the U.S. and Europe, what we’ve seen is a tremendous growth in the very wealthy at the expense of everybody else.

Your Old Friend

According to the article, 62 persons own half of the entire world's assets. And how many of those support SHillary? Food for thought, eh? But I won't bang on.

Have a blessed Easter Vigil.

Your Pal,



LL said...

Socialism clearly doesn't work unless your nation is sitting on oil (Norway) and you simply pay out the profits to a largely heterogeneous culture of white people with a Northern European/Lutheran work ethic.

Pouring gold out in the hood is like dumping perfume on a pig.

Thus ends my observations of the economy.

LSP said...

It's all fantastic until you run out of someone else's cash. And with that rider, you can't worship God and Mammon.

Pretty special infovid, eh?

LL said...

Either you want to believe in our essential spark of shared divinity, or you want succumb to our human insecurity, and either way your conscience lets you slice it, the main thing is to earnestly do what is right at the time.

Have a happy Easter, and all that brings with it in they way of spirit, observance and fellowship.

Adrienne said...

The inner cities have been taken over by feral animals. Good place not to be.

Happy Easter, LSP.