Saturday, March 5, 2016

Pistols at Night

I visited some church people the other night and blessed their compound. Then, after a delicious dinner of grilled to perfection venison, looked out at the stars from their back deck. It was tranquil, being out there in the country air without the noise and light pollution of the city.

And a good environment to open fire with a pistol on an old oil drum. Behold the explosive power of pistols at night! Great fun, not that I'm, ahem, childish or anything...

Thanks, D&L, for the hospitality.

Gun rights,



LL said...

It seems that you are falling into the pattern that Obama laid out...bitterly clinging to God and guns rather than knuckling under to the new order.

LSP said...

I'm doing my level best to avoid the O Pattern, and with some degree of success. Of course it'd be harder in Austin or its twin city, San Francisco.