Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Europe at War?

The prescient Rod Dreher comments on Europe's response to being attacked by Islamic terrorists, and though he doesn't mention rousing choruses of Imagine, he might just as well have done:

One of these days — sooner rather than later — Europeans will tire of hashtags, candles in the square, and diversity-is-our-strength lectures from their leaders. Then what?

The Jihad Runs From a Peace Sign. In Candles.

Then what. Dreher hints at an outcome earlier on in his blog piece, after hearing a list of potential Jihad targets from an Italian intelligence source:

If those Islamic terror cells activate themselves, Europe is not only going to have to worry about its train stations and airports. This would be all-out guerrilla war, and nobody would be safe.

Get Used to a Lot More of This

With that, the boom would come down on Europe's post-war liberal society, and its freedom, to say nothing of Aleppo coming to a city near you.


One major power, Russia, appears to take this seriously, perhaps because the Jihad's on its borders, but in Western Europe that border's blurred, if it's there at all. And after the hashtags, peace signs and John Lennon songs have bitten the dust, what then?

I'm not a betting man, but I wager the result won't be a whole lot of peace, love and music. You can read the whole thing here.

ISIS Laughs.



LL said...

All of Eastern Europe takes it seriously, Russia clearly does. So do the Swiss. That's about it.

LSP said...

I should have qualified the Russia comment with "major power" or something like that. But still... good luck, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Holland, Greece, England etc.

LL said...

Europe is rotten at its core. The apathy manifests itself in the lack of formation of nuclear families that have children who continue the culture. Look at the birthrate in Europe and take out the Muslim stats. The Muslims will breed the Europeans into obscurity in 40 years.

The way I look at it, the Europeans have a very small window to turn their culture around. Or it will simply cease to exist and the shots will be called from Mecca or Qom.

Euripides said...

Islamists laugh at the US and western Europe as our supposed leaders tango away the hours doing nothing.

LSP said...

You know what they say, LL, "no cult, no culture," and progleft secularism doesn't seem to be cutting it, or Western lib Christianity. Different story in Russia, where the birthrate's beginning to turn 'round.

LSP said...

ISIS laughs. And who can blame them, Euripides?

Mattexian said...

Funny that Europe's birthrate has fallen, since as the Libs like pointing out, they have paid family leave, so that new mothers (and fathers, sometimes) can spend time with their newborns, before shipping them off to daycare centers. And as far as Russia goes, IIRC Putin is paying a bounty to new mothers, to encourage families. Maybe the West could emulate that, but I doubt our leaders would concur, it's easier to just import a new generation of voting laborers.

That's something "The Jetsons" completely missed, a future so full of cheap immigrant labor that they had to fill it with robots to perform the menial jobs. Maybe that's why we don't have flying cars, we didn't automate the assembly lines early enough!

Euripides said...

Mattexian: The Jetsons have been a big disappointment.

Mad Padre said...

I found this segment from the Diane Rehm show helpful in thinking about Europe, particularly Belgium, and terrorism:
Halfway through one of the journalists mentions that some in Belgium blame the security forces for cracking down after the Paris bombings led to Brussels, which seems a remarkably ignorant sentiment, but understandably starry-eyed and dumb liberal (I like to think of myself as smart-realist-liberal and I hate dumb liberals). More remarkable is that the Belgian security forces are so underresourced and inefficient that they lack the capability to get up to speed.
At the same time, I am not sure phrases like "at war" are helpful. I think a careful blend of military and police responses, including community policing, is called for, but getting the immigrant Muslim populations in Europe assimilated to the degree that they are assimilating in the US, Britain and Canada is going to eb the long-term solution. Once they see ISIS as the enemy, we've won.

LSP said...

Let's hope the worst case scenario doesn't play out, Padre, and that Muslims decide to interpret "House of War" and Jihad as purely "spiritual symbols" or metaphors. I think it'd be a first in their long history, Mohammed included.

I'll have a look at the link and "see ISIS as the enemy"? Good point.

LSP said...

Viz. the Jetsons, Mattexian. I feel cheated out of flying cars. Daily.

infidel de manahatta said...

I remember after 9/11 the peaceniks were out in force in Union Square, painting peace signs and putting beads on Washington's statue.

All I can say is if a civilization no longer even wants to defend itself then it's time to give up, find a fortified bunker and horde canned goods.