Thursday, March 17, 2016

St. Patrick's Day #2

I don't want all three readers of this so-called "blog" to think that it offers anything other than deep thought and the life of the mind.

That's why we're posting this neat Leprechaun video. Helpful, eh?

And then there's the Dropkick Murphys. Another kind of helpful.

Meet you in Southy,



Adrienne said...

I think I'll pass on Southy.

Happy St. Pat's day 2.

Tomorrow will be day 3 with a feast of corned beef and cabbage. I have a lovely round cut brisket from Costco waiting to be joined with carrots, potatoes, onions, and cabbage. No rutabagas or parsnips this year - they were too expensive.

LL said...

The video from Mobile was very helpful.

I wonder if that's where the term, "black Irish" comes from?

infidel de manahatta said...

As a New Yorker who is a fan of the Yankees I must object to any mention of Beantown!

LSP said...

I think you're wise to pass on "Southy", Adrienne, but the feast sounds delicious.

LSP said...

I thought the Mobile infovideo might resonate, LL.

LSP said...

Have you noticed, Infidel, how "Southy" rhymes with "Oxy"?

LL said...

I'm sitting here wondering if I would be truly offended if the North Koreans dropped a bomb in Mobile, AL...They could drop one in the center of Detroit and nobody would see a difference except some of the slum housing scheduled to be demolished would be vaporized.