Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Idiocy Of Assad

So let's get this straight. Syria's Bashar al-Assad is winning a war against Saudi Arabian, Qatari and US proxy terrorists, such as our frenemies, Al Qaeda. 

Then all of a sudden, as he's on the very cusp of victory, stupid Assad decides to throw it all away by dropping chlorine filled barrel bombs on Douma. We know this because the saintly White Helmets told us he did it and because, obviously, he's an evil idiot.

There you have it. Assad, the stupid, evil, idiot, Gas Killer Animal exposed by the heroic White Helmets, and soon to be struck down by hubris in the form of  a hail of US, UK, French and Saudi munitions. But there's a problem with this picture.

Assad, whatever else he might be, isn't stupid and he isn't an idiot, he's a geeky opthamologist. An opthamologist that dared to cross the House of Saud and its billions by refusing to let them drive a pipeline through his country.

Then there's the Islamist White Helmets, who operate exclusively alongside Al Qaeda and associated Jihad head-chopper savages as a kind of medical propaganda support group, funded by countries such as the US, UK, Belgium, Qatar and, go figure, George Soros. 

You can read about these altruists here, here, here and here. Regardless, we fund them so they must be telling the truth, right?

As you reflect on that axiom, the Russians have gained access to Douma, which has been liberated from the Western/Saudi funded Jihad, and they haven't found any evidence whatsoever that a chemical attack took place.

So who's lying. The Al Qaeda support group we've come to Netflix love as the White Helmets, or the idiot who isn't an idiot, Bashar Assad?

You, the reader, be the judge.




LL said...

Agreed 100%.

LSP said...

LL, I think the whole Syria business stinks to high heaven, or hell.

Justice should be served against its architects. Does that include the Bitch of Benghazi and the Magic O?

Lock. Them. Up.

LL said...

A good MAGA move would be to pull out of the Middle East and let them all go at it.

LSP said...

Totally agree, RHSM.