Monday, October 3, 2016

Rod & Gun

It was tranquil on the big pond and large Bass were surging just out of casting range, which got the adrenaline up. Would they come in to the bank, or stay where they were, voraciously feeding off swarms of fry? 

They stayed where they were, wisely, and I didn't catch anything, despite the enticing promise of a 10" Texas rigged red ribbon tail worm. A bird was keeping an eye on the fish too, from the vantage point of a pipe. 

After casting about, I drove off to some hay bales with GWB and we set up in hope of shooting some dove. Like the fish, they wisely stayed away.

Later, back at the Compound, I cooked up some Toad in the Hole and onion gravy and I tell you, it was right tasty.

In other news, Kim Kardashian, who is not a hobbit, has been robbed in Paris. Good work, Team.

Gun rights,



LindaG said...


Kim Kardashian reduced to being just one of the little people. Sorry. That was good for a laugh.

Be safe and God bless.

LSP said...

Linda, Kim is NOT a Hobbit!

LindaG said...

Hahahahaha! ^_^

I had to do the stupid captcha 20 freaking times.....