Thursday, October 20, 2016

Neutron Bombs Blast The Elitocracy

"The shells of our institutions maybe survive the 2016 campaign, but they will be mere husks," writes Victor Davis Hanson for the National Review, before going on to blast the institutions of US governance and its bi-coastal insider elites.

For Hanson, the edifice of a working democracy may remain in place after November 8, but the reality is a hollowed out sham run by a self-interested club of profiteers. For example:

In theory, there are nominally still such things as a D.C. establishment, the Republican party, still abstractions known as “fact-checking,” still something in theory called “debate moderators,” still ex-presidents’ “foundations.” But, in fact, after this campaign, these are now mere radiated shells.

He continues:

Collate the Podesta e-mails. Read Colin Powell’s hacked communications. Review Hillary’s Wall Street speeches and the electronic exchanges between the media, the administration, and the Clinton campaign. The conclusion is an incestuous world of hypocrisy, tsk-tsking condescension, sanitized shake-downs, inside profiteering, snobby high entertainment — and often crimes that would put anyone else in jail.

And much more. You can, and should, read the whole scathing indictment here.

While you're at it, check out Mark Steyn on Hillary's risible portrayal, by people you'd have thought to be her opponents, as a "beinign moderate centrist:

The idea that the most personally corrupt candidate in modern American history will govern as some sort of benign moderate centrist placeholder until the wankers who thought Jeb Bush was a superstar shoo-in come up with their next inspiration is utterly preposterous.

Peasants, revolt.



LL said...

The City of Brass.

LSP said...

And "endemic corruption." Not to put too fine a point on it.

Jules said...

"incestuous world of hypocrisy" that about sums it up; along with wankers.

LindaG said...

And the lemmings could care less.
Depresses me that so many could be so uncaring while loudly claiming they care for everyone.

You all be safe and God bless.