Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Get Your Hair Cut, Hippy

It was a pretty regular morning in the hurley-burley, rough and tumble life of the Compound. Up around first light, sitting on the steps of the back deck, drinking hot tea and watching the grass grow. One perfect sunrise, except that it was cool and overcast, maybe about to rain, like England in May.


A ragged peacock hen flew into the yard. It strutted and pecked, I sipped tea and pondered the next evolution. It wasn't complex.

ME 262 Going Down. Pilot, Get Out!

Say your prayers, walk the dog to the pick 'n steal (filling station), visit the sick, then get a haircut. Good plan. Clear, simple, achievable, and it was all going so well. Until the plan crashed and burned like an ME 262 on fire and spinning out of control.

Epic Fail

Wildcat Cuts was shut. I don't know why, neither, apparently, did they. "Shut till October 17" said the legend on the ghoul painted plate glass door. No reason given. Hunh. Veronica's, SE HABLA ESPANOL, was shut too. No excuse, just coz. So much for industry and service in this bucolic slice of what used to be a great nation. 

Now We're Talkin'

Then Quality Cutz came to the rescue. They were open, weirdly, and I strode in. "You do haircuts?" I asked and in case you think that's redundant, think again. "Sure we do, mon," said Alphonso. He was from Mexico and alright. For him, Quality Cutz was his home. I told him to "cut it short and don't carve anything weird into it."

Your Friend

He didn't, and I'll go back there again. Support local business; Lord knows, there's little of it left, and that's just the hair.

Your Old Pal,



Mattexian said...

"Wildcat Cuts," eh? Well, thanks to Google, I know you're not down the road in Temple. Be interesting if the two schools ever play each other.

LL said...

I'm glad to see you keeping that hair high and tight, the way it belongs.

I doubt that there's a single barber shop in Austin, but there might be stylists who will cut it for $50.00

LSP said...

They might well do, Mattexian. And normally it's not a bad place to get a 'cut. But it was shut today, like the rest of the economy.

LSP said...

Right on, LL.

There's no more barbers, hardly, they've all gone over the rainbow, like Austin itself. I'm mounting a grassfire insurrection.

Jules said...

Firstly and most importantly I take my hat off to you. HOT TEA. You are a man with taste and common sense.

Peacocks rain and tea? Are you sure you weren’t hallucinating about middle England?

Very swag, cowboy.

PS: Can you please change the CAPTCHA from "I'm not a robot" to "I'm not a dybbuk" It would be wise.

LSP said...

Jules, hot tea's a must. Some people don't understand that, error. And the CAPTCHA's got to to change, well pointed out.

No undead entities creeping in under the guise of living flesh, dammit.

GruntOfMonteCristo said...

There's barber shops everywhere, thank God. That's one of the few legit old-school holdovers from civilized times. Fried pies and really good sopapillas without all the crap on them are a little harder to find.

LSP said...

Not here, Grunt. Very hard to find, Quality Cutz is a kind of start up... Now, I do like a fried pie.

Adrienne said...

Looking very handsome, LSP

LSP said...

Adrienne, the best thing about the hat is that it covers up the convict hairstyle...