Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Do you remember the presidential debate on Sunday, in which Bronze Age chieftain, Donald Trump, squared off against Hillary Clinton? Sure you do and even the most ardent of Hillary haters had to admit that Candidate Clinton looked good.

The Spell Breaks

There she was, poised and polished by the arcana of makeup and wardrobe. Powerful magic indeed, until the flies landed.

flies do not rest upon the living

On her face, on her chest, in the air around her, flies. And mark this, flies don't rest upon the faces of the living.

Three Against One

Baalzebub, Lord of the Flies, is a demon, reputed to be one of the Princes of Hell. Perhaps its lesser ally, the dybbuk-driven presidential contender, has a name too.

I'll leave you with this:

The ghouls who recoil in horror at glimpsing this dream are moving to the edge of the pit, where they seek power from the abyss. But the abyss is remorseless and has no pity. It swallows whatever and whoever comes to it.

Your Friend,



LL said...

She must be covered by flies normally - outside of the debate stage for her to accept having flies land on her and walk her face as normal.

LSP said...

Obama has the same problem, interestingly.

Adrienne said...

A nurse commenting over at MOTUS said the only time they saw a fly land on a patient was when the patient was near death. Make of it what you will.

LSP said...

Thanks for info, Adrienne.

Powerful conjuration can give the dead the appearance of life, especially when driven by an "entity." The flipside is that flies typically manifest. They can't seem to get around that.

drjim said...

Well, we always knew she was "The Mistress of Lies", and now I'd say we can start calling her "The Mistress of the Flies"!

Anonymous said...

So compelling.

LSP said...

The Flies have it, drjim. #Hillzebub

LSP said...

Nothing quite like a good dose of necromancy, Anonymous. But here's the thing, will the spell last 'til Nov 8?