Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Spillway Action

I had two objectives, apart from seeing Hillary behind bars, the first being to show my Wittgensteinian pal, GWB, the sheer value and power of the weightless worm rig (WWR). The second, obviously, was to make up for Sunday's washout and catch a lot of fish.

Things got off to a slow start. AT&T came over and gave the Compound a new internet called "Uverse." The tech who installed the Internet was alright, friendly, competent, and good with dogs. I was taken aback by all these things. Well done, AT&T guy. Then we noticed that GWB's rig had a flat tire, as flat as Hillary's bogus "woman who cares for the people" act. So that had to be fixed.

In the end, a couple of hours late and in the heat of the day, we got to the dam. Sure enough, there were lots of fish, especially great hunter-killer packs of Gar, suspended in search of prey. And plenty of other fish too, just like in Seaworld. So we cast off with the worms and I have to say the action was sluggish. 

I hauled in a Black Drum and a couple of Hybrids but that was it, GWB wasn't getting anything either. "The fish hate your useless worm rig, so-called LSP," he chided, and swapped out to lures and plastics. I liked that, work out what artificials the fish like and report back. Then things changed.

Ho, Ho! A Bass. Boom.

Casting downstream off the end of the pier, I noticed a lot of Bass in the water, flashing in their quest to get upstream, into the pool and into the jaws of the waiting Gar. Twitch, tap, Boom. A Bass was on and fighting ferociously, and in he came. Good work, WWR. I alerted GWB to the spot and before long he was reeling in a Bass with every cast, all on a Texas rigged green ribbontail. Nice action.

Oh, Well Done, LSP, You Caught a Fish

I joined in with live worms and got the same result, big fun, then moved off in search of Catfish. And they were biting; I reeled in a decent sized fighter and a couple of juniors, then returned to the Bass. They were still on; then, just as though a switch had been flicked, the feeding frenzy was over. Time to go.

And that, readers, was that. I find great satisfaction in fishing, in case you wondered. Anticipation and the excitement of the strike, the fight itself, and just being outside in the country. To say nothing of reeling in the fierce predators. 

Next stop? Get back on the horse and shoot some guns.

Your Friend,



LL said...

Great fishing report. It illustrates how good fishermen remain adaptable to changing situations with different fish in the same general environment.

LSP said...

Thanks, LL. Change, adapt, catch fish. That's the method.

Fredd said...

Less fishing, more God. We're gonna need some Devine intervention on Nov 8, Pastor.

LSP said...

Fredd, I think we do. Did you see the VP debate? Kaine came over as a deranged, tear-eyed, scud wonk. What have the Clintons done to him?

Fredd said...

The Clintons have not changed Tim Kaine. He's the same lying piece of feces that he always was. A far left, radical commie who simply wants to live in a mansion on other people's money.

When I lived in Virginia a few decades ago, he was the liberal mayor of Richmond at the time, and his nutty left wing crap was the stuff of legend. A leopard doesn't change his spots.

LSP said...

I remember driving through the center of Richmond and thinking, what an urban hell hole. Good work, Kaine.

Fredd said...

Pastor: why is it that liberals such as Kaine are never held to account for their record? Richmond, like you point out, is a complete disaster. Unemployment, despair, murder, all can be found in abundance in Richmond. And Tim Kaine was all part of creating this hell hole. What about Barack Obama, who 'community organized' the south side of Chicago into the most dangerous place to live on earth? Or Hillary Clinton, who as senator left New York after promising to bring zillions of jobs to the Empire State, when in fact the job losses during her senatorial tenure and shortly after her departure are enormous?

LL said...

Kaine is crazy as a shit house rat.