Friday, October 28, 2016

LSP in the City

If you're fortunate enough not to get killed by insane drivers, you can drive to Dallas from the Compound in around 45 minutes, all thanks to Texas' own "corridor of fame," I35. I did exactly that on Monday.

The Eye Liars

But why, LSP? You ask wonderingly. Because I had to take Ma LSP to the eye surgeon early Tuesday morning, in a place they call "Arlington." What is this "Arlington?" I'll tell you, it's a road. In fact it's many roads, and it's a strip mall, make that many strip malls. It's like a vision of ersatz eateries in the midst of a traffic experiment. People live there, too, lots of them and there's Eye Surgeons.

Oh Look, a Strip Mall

So we climbed in the rig and headed off for Mid-Cities metrosprawl action and we didn't want to be late, because the surgery was scheduled for 10 am. Be there on time, went the implicit warning, or you'll miss the eye doc.

See it? A Fake Eatery

Ma LSP went under the laser at around 11 am. Good time keeping, Eye Liars, leaving me to knock about the health services strip park while gazing over the highway at the strip mall.  And then it was done, cataract gone, and back to Dallas HQ.

On The Road

What was it like in the big city? A bit dislocating after the country, the roads are a right menace, and why does there have to be so many fake eateries in phony town centers, aka strip malls. That aside, there's an energy to Dallas which I like and the skyline looks neat at night.

Drive safe,



LL said...

Where would America eat if there were no strip malls? Think on it -- millions going hungry, abandoning their city home and heading for Hillsboro.

Be of good cheer that they exist and keep the enslaved and semi-enslaved in their place.

LSP said...

True, I don't want an exodus from the metrosprawl. Let them eat Chili's and Panda Express?

Jules said...

"Arlington Road" - the remake. A new sinister take on the conspiracy thriller: set in a dodgy strip mall where eye liars steal time and hope. You will never leave the same if you ever get to leave at all....

drjim said...

The DFW area is the only place in Texas that I've spent any time.

And compared to L.A., I truly enjoyed my time there.

Great food, good people, and lots of green stuff growing.

Beats the living stuffing out of SoCal....