Saturday, October 1, 2016

Crossing The T -- For LL

USN Trans Team

In a bold new war-at-sea-winning initiative, the US Navy has issued directives requiring all of its sailors to be "trans trained" by July 2017.

Though details of the Navy's transgender behavioral training have yet to be released, images of the USN training team, or "Trans Team," are now public.

A USN Trans Team Member

When shown pictures of the Trans Team bunked up together in their racks, a member of the US intelligence community (IC), who wishes to remain anonymous,  commented, "Impeccable."

Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, stated at a Pentagon briefing that the Navy's transsexual sailors will help the "force" to "accomplish the mission."

Accomplish The Mission, "Gentlemen."

“This is the right thing to do for our people and for the force,” said Carter, “We can’t allow barriers unrelated to a person’s qualifications prevent us from recruiting and retaining those who can best accomplish the mission.”

The mission to do what?

Cross the T?



LL said...

I suspect that LSP is a bit taken aback at the results at Lexington and Concorde. Then there was the Battle of New Orleans a generation later that didn't bode well for the outcome of a war.

"Crossing the T" clearly used to have a different meaning. So did "despicable". Who'd have thought that sodomy would have become so popular? Or that self-identifying as a "patriot" meant that the Internal Revenue Service would single you out for financial destruction.

Pink Unicorns as Navy training cadre? Why not. It fits with the ObamaNation.

LSP said...

Lexington and Concorde, New Orleans (neat song to boot) were great victories, to name just a few. Total respect, but as you say "Crossing the T" means something different now.

I'm no expert, but I'm amazed the Navy puts up with it. Can't be a happy situation... Of course Great Britain doesn't have a Navy anymore, which makes sense, given it's a,. er, island.

LL said...

Obama is hoping that embracing homosexuality in the military will make sodomy more mainstream, more fashionable. If Hillary takes office, that will continue. I don't know what Trump would do to turn back the clock on this policy. The jury is still out. One can only hope that he'd do the right thing and take it back before Don't Ask Don't Tell when it was simply against the law to be a queer in the military.

LSP said...

Well, it's an ideal and captive spot for the government left to practice social re-engineering and, they hope, destroy a conservative demographic.

I'd have thought that DJT would roll the clock back some and wouldn't be a rainbow crusader like the current admin. At least that's the rhetoric. But really, accomplish the mission? To do what? Open the bathrooms of the world to all!


Ash Carter went to Harvard. Satan's Vatican.

Euripides said...

Rhetorical question: What makes someone like Obama wake up one morning thinking to zimself: "You know what the military needs? More nancies and transvestites. We simply cannot design a proper war without them."

LSP said...

Euripides, I think our Commander-in-Chief's gone a bit asymmetrical on this one.

Anonymous said...

Village People 17th January 1979?

Mattexian said...

I'm reminded of the joke about the Navy (British, I think) being built on rum, sodomy, and the lash. Since they've gotten rid of rum and the lash, there's not much left for the sailors to do!

(Can't call them "seamen" anymore, besides the snickering in the back rows, they've gotten rid of the historic rank and grade titles, in favor of gender neutrality. Shouldn't call them sailors either, as there's only two sailing ships in the US military fleet, the Constitution and the Coasties' Eagle. Ought to just call them "Boaters," but not "Motorboaters," as that would illicit more snickering.)

Theodore said...

Bonus points for the Mighty Boosh picture.

I wrote a term paper for my military history class about the Battle of Jutland and how the German's had their "T" crossed twice, yet escaped with minimal damage due to their training and use of the "Gefechtskehrtwendung nach Steuerbord" wherein the each ship in the line of battle turned 180 degrees and steamed away (as opposed to playing follow-the-leader in a giant turn, thus exposing each ship to the "T" in succession). We can only hope that the real USN will employ a similar maneuver and steam away from this crossing of their "T". I fear not however due to the lack of preparations for battle against a similarly armed foe.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

"Damn the cisgender. Full trannie ahead!" ~ Admiral Dewey.

LindaG said...

What is happening to our military in the name of political correctness really disgusts me.
God help us, please.

Be safe and God bless you all.

LSP said...

"Boaters", now I know. Thanks, Mattexian.

LSP said...

Nice Jutland point, Theodore.

LSP said...

Infidel, are you sure you're not a hater?