Monday, September 23, 2013

Go on, Piers, Take the Challenge!


Infowars' Alex Jones has thrown down the gauntlet, inviting his unpopular rival and well-known Illuminati shill, CNN's Piers Morgan, to a vaccine challenge. Jones is is offering the disliked expat Brit $1 million dollars to take 1000 vaccine shots over two weeks.


Piers Morgan was once Editor of the left-leaning Daily Mirror, before being forced to resign over fake stories of British troops torturing Jihadi terrorists. Known by many as the "most hated man in journalism," Morgan was the target of an unsuccessful campaign to have him deported back to the U.K.

Illuminati Shill

Despite popular grass-roots attempts to remove him, Piers Morgan remains in the U.S., where he champions gun control, the New World Order, and vaccinations. After early successes with Oprah Winfrey and iconic radio personality, Howard Stern, Morgan's ratings have been dismal.

So come on, Piers. Turn those ratings around and take the Vaccine Challenge! Or go back to England, or both.



Adrienne said...

While he's having his vaccinations, maybe he'll take that dead squirrel off his head.

LL said...

Maybe Piers would find his next big career move in a relocation to Kenya?

LSP said...

Nasty, isn't it, Adrienne.

LSP said...

One way ticket to Nairobi, LL? Good call, but would the Kenyans have him?

I say send him back home to face a jury of his peers. Of course the Brits don't want him either...

Feed Room Five said...

What can a humble servant say to a master but 'as it pleases thee, my lord?" You ain't just Putin. Visit my Portiuncla more often.

LSP said...

All hail Putin! Will do, padre.