Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Filthy Little Beast


It's all very well to swing by the range on the way back home from visiting the flock and it's a lot of fun to unleash the power of the deadly black "assault rifle." No doubt about it, a great way to unwind, but the gas operated bullet burner gets real dirty, real fast.


That's bad, because a dirty weapon can quickly become a jamming, malfunctioning, failure to eject shell casings nightmare and that's no good.


I've noticed it can make all the difference, especially with cheap ammo; a dirty AR tends to stick on nasty, cheap, steel cased Russian ammo. At least mine does, but hey, give it a scrub, oil it up and everything works just fine.


With that in mind, I gave the filthy thing a good cleaning on the tailgate this afternoon. 


Good to see that the fast declining Episcopal Church (TEC) has lost another lawsuit, this time they're losers in the Diocese of Quincy. More on that later.

Shoot straight,


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