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Tuesday, November 12, 2019


It's freezing here in Texas because anthropogenic global warming has heated up the atmosphere making everything colder. No kidding, thanks to racist carbon dioxide emissions there's snow in North Texas, thus proving the old adage, "Don't pay your climate tax, suffer the Ice Age, Fascists." That in mind, I've got the heat on at the Compound and time to reflect.

"Reflect on what?" you ask in baffled amazement, "The climatic disaster of cis-gendered appropriation of the ecosphere, allied with systemic oppression of the mujerista other?" Well yeah, obviously, but also the US military. A few thoughts.

As Private LSP guided us around the National Infantry Museum he turned to me and said, "I'm part of the greatest military the world has ever seen." He wasn't boasting, just stating a fact, and I replied that unless I was missing something he was right. America, to put it simply, can put more ordnance on target than any other force in history, and can do so with remarkable speed and accuracy on a global scale -- from land, sea, air and space. The US military is, in a word, a devastating machine.

A brief visit to Fort Benning gives you a glimpse into it, an immense base, modern, tight, remarkably efficient as thousands of recruits go through their paces under the eyes of the Drills. It's a far cry from its English equivalent, not least because of the size and newness of the thing. For example, the entire Prince of Wales Divisional training depot as it was in Lichfield would fit into the 2nd Battalion, 47th Infantry facility at Benning. And that's just one one of many, all of them up to date, in excellent order and professional as the day's long.

The young soldiers were professional too, or at least learning to be. All the privates I met, and I met lots, were intelligent, motivated and comparatively mature. I was seriously impressed by the caliber. That said, Private LSP relates:

"When we were training for the graduation parade, the Drills would order us to march up and shout out the Soldiers Creed, ending with 'I am an American Soldier!' then they'd look you in the eye and say 'No you're not. Next!'"

I had to laugh. It reminded me of long ago being asked by my Platoon Commander on a somewhat beat up infantry training depot in the Midlands: 

"LSP, do we pay you?"
"Yes, Sir."
"That's ridiculous and absurd. You should be paying us."

And there you have it, just some random observations.

Stay warm,


Friday, August 23, 2019

#MillSoc Mountebanks

Millionaire socialists Barack and Michelle Obama, estimated net worth $135 million, loved their seaside summer rental so much they decided to buy it, for less than $14.85 million. 

That's right, this socialist paradise of a summer house, featuring seven guest rooms, servants quarters and so much more, costs less than $15 million. And it's a prime oceanfront property.

But wasn't global warming going to raise sea levels, flooding out the coasts? Wow, that's really serious, like War on Weather serious, which is why Barack said this in his 2015 State of the Union address, "No challenge – no challenge – poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change."

Yeah, that's why you bought a mansion on the Atlantic coast, you #MillSoc mountebank. But hey, at least it cost less than $15 million so when the waves wash it all away, not so bad. Plenty more cash where that came from, and we have to wonder. 

"There’s only so big a house you can have,” said Barack to South Africa,  “There’s only so many nice trips you can take. I mean, it’s enough.” Quite.

Leaving aside egregious #MillSoc hypocrisy, are the Obamas corrupt, ignorant, deluded, living-in-a-bubble liars, or all that together? Have they reached Marie Antionette (RIP) levels of hubris? Your call. 

And their multi-million dollar house is common.



Friday, July 12, 2019

Man-Made Climate Change Doesn't Exist

Startled boffins in Finland and Japan were shocked to discover that man-made climate change, aka anthropogenic global warming doesn't exist.

In a bombshell report, the weather experts found that the human contribution to the last century's 0.1% rise in temperature amounts to a negligible 0.01%. Via ZeroHedge:


During the last hundred years the temperature increased about 0.1°C because of carbon dioxide. The human contribution was about 0.01°C”, the Finnish researchers bluntly state in one among a series of papers.

Climate scientists in Kobe, Japan, agree and pin the blame on low clouds brought about by cosmic rays, producing an "umbrella effect."

High-Energy Particles

New evidence suggests that high-energy particles from space known as galactic cosmic rays affect the Earth's climate by increasing cloud cover, causing an 'umbrella effect.'

High energy particles from space clouding everything up. Perhaps the effect's not limited to the weather?

The Cosmic Ray

Here at the Compound we look forward to a new Cosmic Ray Tax (CRT) to fund our brave new borderless rainbow utopia. All those immigrant votes don't come cheap, you know.

Your Friend,


Friday, May 10, 2019


It wasn't easy driving to the Open Range Cowboy Church men's breakfast this morning. That's because this part of Texas is now a frozen tundra. 

Look, A Leering Liar

Seriously, it's freezing, the heat's on in the house and everyone's wearing fleeces and down vests. May in Texas, go figure. You'd think, wouldn't you, that the sheer volume of hot, stinking  air coming out  Lyin' Comey, Congress, globalist NWO RINOS and their agitprop shills in the media would warm the atmos rather than chill it, but no.

The Russians Did It

Regardless, this rarely read mind blog isn't about the devolution of civil discourse and politics in what passes for Western Civ at this point in time, no, it's about the weather. And I tell you, it's FREEZING, for Texas.

Cozy Compound

The fires are lit here at the Compound and the team's about to sit down for a warming bowl of chili and cornbread.We will survive this freeze and emerge from the igloo strengthened in spirit. Seeing Goofy Lyin' Comey in jail won't hurt either.

Snowmobiles Forever,


Friday, January 4, 2019

Climate Change Shoot

One of the weird things about the climate is that it changes, no matter how much tax you pay or don't pay our elite rulers. Take Texas. 

Texas famously doesn't pay the weather tax and it's been raining for the last two days, it's been cold too. Go figure, thwart the Illuminati at your peril, but what happened? It stopped raining. That meant shoot.

We loaded up the rig with shotguns and pistols and headed out to the range. Wrap up warm? No, don't bother, the climate's changed and now it's hot and sunny. Wear your Wellington boots though because the range isn't far off a swamp. 

Right out of the gate Junior LSP was smoking clays with a Mossberg 835 Ultimag 12. Good work, kid. I followed on and shot pathetically. Dismal fail. 

But congrats young 'un and congrats 12. I thought the Mossberg was broken and needed a new set of extractors but no, the old beast was right on the money. Word to the wise, clean your weapons.

Next up, CZ's handy Bobwhite SxS 20. Great little gun and we knocked the orange clay adversary out of the sky like screaming Focke Wulfs going down over the Oder. 45s followed, a Glock 21 and a Beretta PX4 Storm.

Here's the the thing. I bought the Beretta years ago when I was pretty much a novice at pistols, apart from a brief exeat with Her Majesty's finest Brownings, which were as rubbish as I was. We made a team, the pistols couldn't hit anything and neither could I.

Whatever and fast forward, I shot thousands of rounds through the jolly PX$ Storm and there it was. Then, thanks to White Wolf Mine Consultancy Plc. I invested in a Glock 21. Same caliber, better gun.

Don't get me wrong, the Beretta's fine, it works, and I like the ergonomics of the grip, but the Glock's better. 

It's simpler, with less parts. It sits lower in the hand. It's sights are better. It's more substantial. Its magazines carry 13 rounds compared to the Storm's lacklustre 9 or 10. The Storm seems lightweight and toylike in comparison, imo.

Whatever, both guns were right on and the kid shot like a champ, plates swinging away like fury. I was impressed.

Then it was time to head for home in the light of a setting Texan sun, mission accomplished. Had we paid our Illuminati rulers some kind of tax for the privilege? 

No, we had not. Had the climate changed? Yes it had. 



Friday, March 23, 2018

Global Warming Is True!

Global Warming or Climate Change is true, say weather experts, causing ice caps to melt and polar bears to die as rising sea levels threaten the existence of humanity and the bears' natural habitat.

One starving bear was filmed by conservation group, Sea Legacy, near Canada's Baffin island.

“We hear from scientists that in the next 100 to 150 years, we’re going to lose polar bears,” Mittermeier [SeaLegacy co-founder Cristina Mittermeier ] said.
“We wanted the world to see what starvation of a majestic animal like this looks like.”

But it's not just the majestic polar bear that's facing extinction thanks to the tragedy of man-made Global Warming, the existence of humanity is also at stake. 

Rising sea levels caused by melting arctic ice will flood cities, such as New York, Vancouver and San Francisco, while whole states, like Maine and Delaware, will sink beneath the waves of the sea.

With their keen instinct for survival, white wolf populations have been moving to high ground in Arizona, where they will be safe above the waters of the flood and ideally situated to prey on fleeing animals.

Climate Change is caused by industrial carbon emissions, which trap heat in the earth's atmosphere in a greenhouse effect, as well as blocking warmth from the sun, leading to a new ice age.

To stave off this impending ecological and human catastrophe, Western governments have proposed a carbon tax on polluting industry. 

Here at the compound we suggest you do your part to save the planet by sponsoring a polar bear today. Donate directly to WWF.

Al Gore, net worth $300 million, is not our leader.



Thursday, March 1, 2018

Russians Hack UK Global Warming

In a savage new twist on the War on Weather, Russian bots have hacked UK Global Warming, pounding the Sceptered Isle with a freezing blast of Siberian ice and snow. A storm Brits call the Beast From The East.

A Russian Bot braves the snow in St. James' Park

The Beast has dumped centimeters of snow on the United Kingdom, knocking temperatures down into minus figures and bringing the country to a standstill.

The Beast Rolls In

Shocked Brits reacted to Russia's unprovoked act of climate change aggression by deploying units of the Guards Division and Household Cavalry.


Some rushed to Tesco's, ASDA and other supermarkets to panic buy milk, bread and similar essentials.

Horse Guards

“It’s snowing here and I’ve just been out to watch the panic buying brigade," stated one person on Twitter, "20 milk and 14 loaves  battling it out in those trolleys like chariots and battering rams."

The Long Retreat From Moscow

Others have been left without heat and power, praying for an end to Climate Change and a return to Global Warming.

A Typical UK Road

"I reduced my carbon footprint but the climate changed anyway," said one stranded panic shopper at the Solihull Sainsbury's, "It's this snow, all I could find was a caramel log."

Panic Buyers

The Beast From The East has joined forces with Moscow backed Winter Storm Emma Watson, promising further disruption to United Kingdom.

Arduus Ad Solem,


Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Years Eve Ice Age Eschaton

Thanks a lot, so-called General "Flynn," if that's your real name, which we doubt. Thanks to you and the Russians we're entering a new Ice Age and no, this isn't Oymyakon, it's rural Texas and there's ice on the rig.

In fact there's snow, drifting wildly against Blue Icebreaker's leash on the front office porch. I know, it's badly in need of paint and that should have happened by now; who knows, maybe it'll all be over by Spring. In the meanwhile, c'mon, Lupe, finish the job.

Ice, paint and snow aside, there's a roast in the oven and Yorkshire Pudding batter chilling in the fridge. Our plan is to eat like warriors. But in the meanwhile, where's that good old Global Warming?

Have a blessed and happy New Year.

Rave on,


Sunday, May 15, 2016

Peak Absurdity?

Via ZeroHedge: 

This talk examines the relation between Islamophobia as the dominant form of racism today and the ecological crisis. It looks at the three common ways in which the two phenomena are seen to be linked: as an entanglement of two crises, metaphorically related with one being a source of imagery for the other and both originating in colonial forms of capitalist accumulation. The talk proposes a fourth way of linking the two: an argument that they are both emanating from a similar mode of being, or enmeshment, in the world, what is referred to as ‘generalised domestication.’

Leaving aside the glaringly obvious fact that Islam isn't a race, what can we say?

ISIS laughs,


Monday, February 29, 2016

Millionaire Socialist Buffoon

Millionaire socialist celebrity, Leonardo DiCaprio, lectured the world last night about the dangers of Global Warming, after finally winning an Oscar

“Climate change is real. It is happening right now," said the star of the Revenant, "It is the most urgent threat affecting our species. We need to work together and stop procrastinating.”

DiCaprio has a personal interest in Climate Change, after the weather forced polar bears off of melting ice caps and onto the Revenant movie set, where they turned brown and "took" the rich Hollywood movie star.

Shocked audiences watched in horror as the rich young socialist was taken by a bear, all because of anthropocentric global warming brought on by out of control CO2 emissions from DiCaprio's private jet.

Leonardo, you were great in the Wolf of Wall Street and the midget scene was pretty neat, but you are still a millionaire socialist buffoon. 

Just another soldier in the war, the War on Weather.


Monday, December 21, 2015

The Right Gun For The War on Weather

Here at Team LSP we like to think of ourselves as solutions providers, a one-stop-resource-shop, ranging from theology to weaponry. That's why we went to a noted defense systems consultant, asking for his advice on the best gun to take to the War on Weather.

A Unicorn on a Rainbow, With Clouds

Our search parameters weren't easy. The weapon had to pack enough power to take down a cloud, but be accurate enough to shoot a sunbeam, or knock a unicorn off a rainbow. Not easy, you'll admit, but whoever said life would be?

MacMillan TAC 50 Bolt Variant

Fortunately for all of us, there's a solution. A .50 BMG precision rifle, supported by the Tracking Point aiming system.

Guiding it's projectile unerringly onto target, the Tracking Point assisted rifle is capable of neutralizing the most elusive threats the Weather has to offer, and because of pinpoint accuracy, it can do so with minimum collateral damage. And make no mistake, the mighty .50 has plenty of punch.

Girls Love .50s

There you have it. Problem? Solution, which is what we're all about, here at the Compound, helping you to win the firefight against our common enemy. 

Tracking Point sighting systems don't come cheap, but neither does war, on the Weather.

Semper Ubique,


Winning The War on Weather

We're locked into a vicious, no-holds-barred War on Weather. El Nino is on the loose and running wild, sometimes it rains, or even snows, at other times it's hot; sometimes it's sunny, at other times it isn't. Our adversary is cunning, and no one knows for sure when, where and how the Weather will attack. And that's why it's important to be prepared.

Part of that means having the right kit to do the job, and here at the Compound we recommend as an invaluable toolkit for all those who have dedicated their time, resource and yes, lives, to this struggle against our implacable enemy. is especially useful to those of us who live in areas of the world which are hot, such as Texas, California, or Australia, in all those many places where the sun hasn't yet been defeated by our rulers' Coalition of the Willing.

With that in mind, Team LSP is delighted to offer you this important resource, and we're sure that you'll find it as useful as we have, in the fight we all share, the War on Weather.

Arduus Ad Solem,