Sunday, March 5, 2023

What A Beautiful Day


What a beautiful day, birds sing, dogs sleep, flags wave and the sun shines down from a clear blue sky as a drug dealing ice cream van rounds the corner. It's like Spring, and I've got the front door open to air out the Manse.

Blow out those cobwebs, LSP, and take full advantage of our ancient enemy, the Weather, being in some kind of armistice mode. Enjoy every second of this fresh, clean, country day before our old adversary the Climate decides to Change and go full superheated blast furnace eschaton on the tenacious citizens of North Central Texas.

You know what it's like, it gets so hot you think the air itself is going to ignite, one careless spark and all that dust goes thermobaric. Terrifying, but for now all is good, the sacrifice of the Mass was offered at the Missions, a pot of improv Thai curry's on the stove and all is well with this part of the world.

Who knows, maybe a shoot's in order for Monday, but let's see what tomorrow brings.

Your Old Pal,



Old NFO said...

Enjoy the beauty and 'comfort' of the day is right!

Dad of Six said...

Must be an old photo of your firearms...before they were regrettably lost in that canoe accident.

Blue Sunshine must enjoy the warm dry days as well!

LSP said...

We must take and enjoy our climate victories, NFO.

LSP said...

Good call, DOS, from the pre-boat archive.

Wild, wild west said...

Hmmmmm, nice pile of stuff, too bad they're all swimming with the fishes in Lake Whitney. Here's a suggestion for a replacement cane, a buddy got one and I liked it well enough to get my own:

Hunt around, you can find 'em for less.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Wyoming joke. "I enjoy the four days between frostbite and fly season". You are wise to enjoy your fine weather while it lasts.

LSP said...

Wild, what a helpful link!

Swordsticks are key.

LSP said...

Most definitely making the best of it, Mr. WSF.