Sunday, March 5, 2023



Sometimes an infovid's worth more than a thousand words. And, to be fair, it's always fun to post the Dead's awesome China Cat Sunflower. Rumours that Russia's run out of tanks, planes, missiles, men, computer chips, knives, washing machines and on were apparently premature.

look at this wicked greasy satan

But serious question, who's FORPOL better, Victoria Nuland or Russian strongman, Vladimir Putin?

See you at the Dorchester,



LL said...

It's a very expensive war for Russia if they can't conquer all of Ukraine.

Dad of Six said...

Hard to decide if Ms. Nuland or Samantha Powers fits the Demoncrat appearance better.

LSP said...

Good call, LL. Would a DMZ Dnieper do?

LSP said...

Now that, DOS, is a very good question.