Sunday, March 19, 2023

Sunday Pistol


You're not allowed to own a pistol in England unless you're a criminal or a cop, but you can in Texas. You see, free citizens are able to defend themselves whereas serf-slaves cannot. That in mind, here's a Sunday pistol.

Just a little 9, a Glock 45 Compact Crossover Gen 5. Note improvements to magazine well and slide and I tell you, this little barker fits well in the hand. An improvement on Gen 4? Hey, all you Glock experts can argue it out but I'd say yes.

This handy pistol comes with a Burris Fastfire 3 red dot, which I'll set up tomorrow. Then let's see how this diminutive beast performs. Fast, I'd wager. That in mind, I favor .45s with all their explosive power.

Still, I like this little fella.




RHT447 said...

Sweet. Congrats and enjoy. About time they came out with this model.

Personally I have never cared much for Glock pistols. I don't fault them, just don't like the way they feel in my hand. My choice was the Canik TP9SF, my first ever plastic fantastic Tupperware pistol. Ordered mine here--

LL said...

I went with the Sig 365 SAS for micro-carry. 10+1

There is a lot of new 9mm ammo out there that makes them a more appealing carry weapon.

Wild, wild west said...

G-Locks provide most everything most people want except, perhaps, pride of ownership. On the other hand, if you have to use your expensive custom 1911 for real sometime, it will be locked up in evidence for who knows how long, whilst with a G-Lock, you can instead get another at most every fun store almost instantaneously, and hardly know the difference (or near enough).

On a somewhat related subject, Old NFO has an extensive list of gun quotes up at his place, hie thee hence:

Jim said...

I've handled the TP9SF and found it to have one of the better out of the box triggers that I've seen in a striker fired plastic pistol. Not a fan of Glocks, though if it suits you, go for it. I used to have a Springfield EMP, but sadly it slipped out of the holster when that canoe overturned. A sad tale.

LSP said...

They have, I think, RHT, a tendency to shoot down. Ergonomics issue? As in, these pistols were made for Austrians to shoot with mittens, sorta thing.

Canik looks nice, XD style?

LSP said...

Good ammo call, LL, and that Sig's a neat pistol.

Sigs are most definitely the business. Dam, need to get one.

LSP said...

There's a kind of utility feel to Glocks which I like, Wild. But look, let's not pretend that a custom 1911 isn't better, by a lot, when you get down to it. But again, utility.

Great post by Mr. NFO!

LSP said...

Yet another tragic waterborne disaster, Jim, and I'm no stranger to that. We move on, resolute.

Hearing good things about this Canik. RHT knows his stuff.