Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Watch My Tracer


Watch my tracer. When this thing goes down, and it will, behold the great fall of it. Do you think the madness of the way we live now is destined to live forever? That said, smart people are going gold/ammo/safe, and Waylon is as always awesome.



RHT447 said...

Exactly. A fellow officer when I served in the reserves had spent time in the field as a platoon leader in Vietnam. He was first issued a carbine (XM-177) which jammed. He inquired of the company 1SG what else might be available. The 1SG replied that the only weapon other than an M16/XM-177 was an M1D with a scope, and that the only 30-06 ammo they had was tracer. "I'll take it" said the young Lt. It turned out to be perfect. He would scan terrain with the scope and whenever he fired a tracer, his platoon would instantly open up on that spot.

LSP said...

"The James river ran a bloody red."

Let's pray the tracers don't fly here.

Wild, wild west said...

All these people lusting after CW-2 had better think again. My kin were on both sides of CW-1 and it was not pretty. We don't want a repeat of that, for sure.