Friday, March 3, 2023

The Sound of Violent Extremism - Asperges Me


I was brought up with this tune, as an Anglican in Oxford, and I loved it, I still do. But you'll notice the ethnically violent, colonial oppression cant of the thing. To boot, "Thou shalt wash me and I shall become whiter than snow." Wow, what hideous RMVE (racially motivated violent extremism). 

Perhaps you think I'm joking, think again. Years ago, in a beautiful church outside of Philly I had a POC organist. He was paid 45 grand a year to enhance the liturgy which, when I arrived, included the Asperges. And guess what, he taught the choir, such as it was, to change the words of the chanted psalm to "cleaner" as opposed to "whiter."

This is your enemy

You see, "whiter than snow" was racist to him on his oppressed POC 45k. So I fired that fraudulent, no account, trifling mountebank and the people heaved a sigh of relief. But that was then, this is now. Just picture all those RTCs storming Mammon on the Capitol, consecrated in their mission by the Mass.

That in mind, maybe the Godless FBI has a point. Could it be that genuine Christianity's a threat to them, that it's a spear in the eye of their Father, Satan.

Libera nos a malo,



Dad of Six said...

Lots of ground covered here Parson. Good on you for cleansing the music program...if that was a problem goodness knows what else he would have done.

From this morning's The Catholic Thing: "For instance, the Council of Trent (1545-63) whose name the old rite bears is often said to have initiated an intolerant period in the history of the Catholic world. But as with so many topics in the history of the Church, a rigorous examination of the Council of Trent shows instead that the Council fathers assembled there were probably more tolerant than, say, Pope Francis or Cardinal Roche."

The Feebs aren't the only ones serving the infernal master.

Wild, wild west said...



LSP said...

DOS, that was a serious trial. I tell you, this AGO keyboardist was so bad he couldn't even recruit a choir, despite budget. He was rubbish. He couldn't play. And when I called him on this and suggested he practice his response was, "Oh, it's Langlais, you wouldn't understand." Uh huh, don't let the Durufle/Langlais Missa Cum Jubilo hit you on the head as you walk through the exit door.

So that sanctimonious, off-key, note dropping no-talent got the Order of the Boot. But here's the thing, being a compassionate person and mindful of AGO fueled litigation, I gave him SIX MONTHS notice.

What. A. Stupid. Mistake.

Of course I was young and foolish and you can imagine the mayhem this character stirred up, it was... difficult.

Excellent Trent point.

LSP said...

Wild, you're on point!