Saturday, March 4, 2023

History Rhymes


a cautionary tale

Years ago I used to get a ride into Oxford from Wootton, near Woodstock, in a half-timbered Morris Minor. "What was it like, at the end of war?" I asked the driver. He paused and, doubtless taking pity on me because I was eight years old and a child replied. "They were incredibly disciplined, even in retreat," and on we drove.

Pan to the Bakhmut pocket. Do you think, mind-band punters, that history rhymes? Russian guns, it seems, are a constant, as is the West's perennial push to take out and own Moscow. All hail the Panzers. We nearly got there in '41, and then we didn't, Rudel and Wittman notwithstanding.

Stuka Rudel

Today? The West finds itself on exactly the wrong side of the bet it's wagered everything on. Viz. We'll never, ever, ever have to fight a conventional war again ever again and after all, all those immigrant votes don't come cheap. Doubt me? Just examine the risible state of UKLF.

Whatever and oops, 30,000++ shells a day argue otherwise, all you Ivy League, OxBridge morons. And here's a thought, maybe you'd be better off organizing tranny pantomime than FORPOL. 

Panzer Whittman

In the meanwhile, Bakhmut's heading for a fall, despite Russia's lack of ammunition, computer chips, fighting ability, supply lines, common sense, people, slavic idiocy, corruption, washing machines,  (enough - Ed.).

So, and with utter respect to the fallen on both sides, perhaps history rhymes.




Ed Bonderenka said...

Sort of Pseudo Pindaric.

LSP said...

All hail Pindar, Ed, and you'll forgive the highlight.

Then there's the genius patrol in charge of our foreign policy. "I know," they woke up and said in committee, "Let's drive Russia, China, India and Iran into death do us part pact against us because, c'mon, we're making a lotta cash outta the Ukraine and want to keep it that way."

Come back, Seneca, all is forgiven.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Other than our home grown traitors enriching themselves on our treasure, I don't give a damn.

Anonymous said...

The “genius” people in charge of our foreign policy are not stupid, nor are they even fools. They merely look at the world from a very different perspective than you do. They are filled with resentment and paranoia, and purely hate both Russia and the Ukraine even though their base of power is now in the West. But they still want the beastly Slavs to suffer. This is culturally transmitted, the lust for cross-generational “revenge”. (Not unique to them, Koreans hate Japanese, Scots hate the English, etc etc etc) But the difference is the level of aggression and dedication to “the cause,” with “our” beloved Kagans and Nulands believing that if they ease up for even a moment that they will be rounded up and genocided. (Sorry for the “verbing”.) Ironically, their hyper aggressive, self-righteous paranoia is a major reason they keep getting in trouble.

As far as their policies and actions causing the rivals and enemies of the US to band together? Why not? The people of the US have never treated them well, and they have neither wealth nor are they accepted and allowed positions of power and trust (this is of course the paranoia speaking — not actual fact). It is evident that they’ve been cruelly rejected by the beastly USAians (just like always, everywhere). Therefore they owe the US nothing. Basically it’s like the scorpion in the river-crossing parable.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what is going on here, the USAF is removing the tail markings from it's transport planes!

Voxday thinks false flags may be on the way!

LSP said...

WSF, I'm inclined to agree.

LSP said...

Mike, I'd say your comment's far better than my post which, to be fair, was a bit of an excuse to show that eerie 1945 footage once again.

So forgive me if I quote you!

LSP said...

Anon, that's terrifying.

On point, my eldest met up with some specops guys in the Fort Hood PX the other day and he asked them about Ost Front. They replied, "Can't get into detail but she ain't slowing down any time soon."