Saturday, March 11, 2023

Behold The MounteBanks


Could it be that the rainbow will bring down the economy of the Western world? Oh dear, you know what they say, go woke, go broke. All very model risk.

And look at this crook, Joseph Gentile, not once but twice. Careless, what?

chimp out

Rumors that Oprah lost 500$b in uninsured SVB deposits are entirely unfounded and the same goes for everyone's favorite royal couple, Harry and Meghan. Oprah, we're told, had to be physically restrained when she learned of her loss.

clown and simperer

Getting wild, eh? And what can we say? Simpering clown mountebank The world cries.

 D List idiot and evil

She's not even Wallace,



Paul M said...

Advent is a time of renewal and rebirth…is that what we are [finally] witnessing, a reckoning?

Businesses that place an emphasis on “wokeness” instead of actually doing their charter business deserve all their foolishness and folly, and the demise that comes with that approach. Disney. Verizon. Colleges. The Military. All these and more are failing miserably at the hands of the Left’s moronic “life is great so let’s wreck it” mentality. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

They live by DIE (diversity, inclusivity, and equity)
May they reap what they sow! Oprah and the Prince and his wife also!

LSP said...

Paul, Lent's very much a time of regrowth and renewal, a spring time of the soul.

That in mind, the dross is burned away or, if you'd rather, the chaff.

There's a moral in that which we see increasingly played out in our degenerate public square.

LSP said...

Anon, I second your call.

Wild, wild west said...

"the dross is burned away"

That, and certain other current events, puts me in mind of Revelation 18, Reverend. Alas Babylon, I pray that's not our country in the prophesy.

Paul M said...

@LSP Yes Lent….not Advent. Freudian slip there. (Don’t worry, I’ll sufficiently flog myself)

Anonymous said...

It’s probably “Jen-tilly” but I have this forlorn hope that he pronounces his name “Jen-tile”.


LSP said...

Wild, I'll join you in that prayer but fear you're prescient.

LSP said...

Hey, no need for the beat up, Paul. Happens :)

LSP said...

Mike, I was thinking the very same thing.