Monday, March 20, 2023

Cooking With LSP - Venison Sausage Pasta


So how exactly do you cook with LSP? You mutter skeptically. But not so fast, here's how. Go out and shoot a deer or get someone else to do it for you. Either way is good, your call. Then get some of that venison processed into sausage, so far so good. Next step?

Slice the sausage up into tasty morsels. It's not hard and I use a vintage Sabatier which has a miraculously keen edge. You might choose a different knife, and that's up to you, no "rule." Mission accomplished, dice up onion and garlic and chop up tomatoes. Behold a task well done.

Then fry up the onion in olive oil until translucent and add garlic. Fry for a minute or so 'til fragrant and add venison, brown it as you reflect on bond yields, interest rates and Credit Suisse shareholder wipeout, then add a tablespoon or so of tomato paste. Stir that beast around for a minute or two. Result. Add chopped tomatoes to the mix.

Well done, you've got this far, no small feat. So use your Old Wooden Spoon to stir the pot, adding 2 bay leaves, salt, pepper and basil to taste. Have a glass to celebrate this not inconsiderable victory and add a glass of red wine to the mix, just for kicks. 

Then let it simmer and listen to uplifting music; don't be in a rush, for goodness sake, let tomato, onion, and venison combine together into one compelling whole, you'll smell it when it's done. Word to the wise, let the oil seperate but in the meanwhile, boil up pasta to al dente perfection. Then fall upon your scoff.

Like a Warrior,



Beans said...

That's a really nice knife. Classic shape, correct balance and cross section for fine cutting and cooking.

As to deer sausage, yeah, dangit. Got nobody I know who hunts deer, hog or other invasive species and I don't, sadly. So I can only live vicariously through you. Dangit.

Good writeup. Wish the combonkulator came with smellovision. Dangit.

Wild, wild west said...

Food with uplifting music?

I once won a call-in radio contest about songs about food by answering Cheeseburger in Paradise by Jimmy Buffett but pronounced buff-ay. The prize was a steak dinner. Does that count?

LL said...

A slice of fresh, hot, buttered, home made bread would go well with it.

Old NFO said...

Well played sir, well played! And very edible!

LSP said...

Beans, that knife belonged to my Grandmother and it's still going more than strong. Just really good quality. Probably 60 years old or more.

Deer meat... is most definitely hearty. Still, lots of people say smoked sausage is fine in this recipe. Maybe try out supermarket Italian sausage? Cheap fix, but hey.

LSP said...

Most definitely, Wild.

LSP said...

Oh my, LL, you're right on track.

LSP said...

Right tasty, NFO. And warming too. (add chili's the watchword)