Monday, March 6, 2023

Is This The Greatest Debate Ever?


Keen-eyed observers of Ost Front will be aware of DPR militia celebrity Igor Strelkov (Girkin) and Yevgeny Prigozhin, commander of Russia's increasingly infamous Wagner PMC. It seems, gentle readers, that the two don't get along.

Here's Strelkov calling for Prigozhin's removal:

The formation (Wagner) must be withdrawn to the rear for replenishment and reorganization, in order to subsequently be used in a more promising strategic direction to break through the front.

But to withdraw Prigozhin himself from the front and COMPLETELY remove him from the leadership of Wagner is urgently necessary. Since his political ambitions (multiplied by psychopathy, the organization of demonstrative war crimes, a tendency to shameless and in many respects false self-promotion and the spread of rotten "criminal concepts" to the armed forces) only harm both Wagner and the common cause of victory over Ukraine.


Whoa. Wagner's Jefe wasn't slow to fire back:

To discuss Strelkov, in my opinion, is simply indecent. All offers were made to him: to go to the front and work in PMC Wagner. If he wants, he can come to the council of commanders and ask to become head of the Wagner PMC. I agree with all his decisions... he sits and throws feces. Therefore, why should I comment? I do not offend girls. And the fact that Strelkov is a woman, is in my opinion, already clear to everyone.


What can we say, Gogol and Dostoevsky live on.  Dr. Snekotron sums up the exchange neatly:

Strelkov: "Society has standards, sir"

Prigozhin: "You're a woman"

Truly the greatest debate in modern times.


Here at the Compound we agree. In the meanwhile, the battle for the strategic hub of Bakhmut rages on. Wagner and friendlies have it in operational encirclement but haven't closed the noose. The Ukraine, apparently, continues to reinforce what appears to be a doomed position.

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LL said...

Everybody wants to rule the world.

In Russia, if you don't make the grade, you jump to your death without leaving a note behind.

LSP said...

It all sounds, LL, a bit close to home, not that anyone close to the Clintons dies through mysterious accident.

Meanwhile, YOKO sings. The world buys ear def.

Anonymous said...

Wait, wot?
Strelkov is a woman, yet

This is all so confusing.