Thursday, March 16, 2023

Wolf Truce


Hundreds of wolves, not a few dozen. You may not know that ferocious wolf packs savaged German and Russian soldiers in the Great War. Remarkably, both sides reportedly fashioned a truce to fight the wolves.

Here in Texas, wolves have been shot out leaving coyotes without a natural predator. You can hear them howl, ascendant.

Cave Canem,



Prodigal Son said...

"Mutual survival is dependent upon mutual cooperation."

Thanks Parson. This is a story I was not aware of. I am reminded that the Old Testament speaks of roaming wild animals preying on humans when He gave cultures over to the desires of their own hearts.

Maybe this was a case of, better the devil you know (each other as enemy combatants), than the one you don't (four-legged demons of hell).

LSP said...

It was new to me too, Prodigal. Imagine those wolf packs, terrifying.