Friday, March 24, 2023

Artificial Intelligence


Note incorrect salute -- oh, maybe the RSF is Navy... hmmmm

Have you heard of these new supercomputer mind brains, artificial intelligences?  If you have or haven't, they're terrifyingly there and I asked one tonight, a Chatbot, "Write a story about the British Empire's expansion to the stars, Openai Chatbot."

What a sensible request and the happy bot replied:

Once upon a time, in an alternate reality, (ahem) the British Empire was not content with its earthly conquests. Its leaders and scientists were determined to expand their empire to the stars.

In the year 1875, a team of British scientists led by Professor James Rutherford unveiled their latest invention, a spacecraft capable of traveling beyond Earth's atmosphere. The spacecraft, named the HMS Victoria, was equipped with advanced technology that allowed it to withstand the harsh conditions of space travel.

Excitement and anticipation ran high as the British Empire announced its plans to launch the HMS Victoria on a mission to explore the solar system. The ship was manned by a crew of brave and skilled astronauts, led by Captain William Anderson.

As the HMS Victoria blasted off from Earth, it marked a new era of British dominance beyond the planet's surface. The ship journeyed through the asteroid belt, passed by Jupiter and its moons, and explored the depths of the Kuiper Belt.

The crew of the HMS Victoria encountered new life forms and planets with untold resources that could fuel the British Empire's expansion further. They made contact with aliens who welcomed them with curiosity and hospitality.

The British Empire's expansion to the stars was not without its challenges, as they also encountered hostile alien races and uncharted territories that threatened their survival. However, with their advanced technology and British ingenuity, the crew was able to overcome these obstacles.

As the HMS Victoria returned to Earth, the crew were hailed as heroes, and their achievements were celebrated by the entire British Empire. The British Empire's expansion to the stars had become a reality, and it marked the beginning of a new age of exploration and expansion beyond the boundaries of Earth.

With this new frontier, the British Empire had secured its place in history as the greatest empire that ever was, spanning not only the globe but the stars as well. And they looked to the future, knowing that there were still many more worlds and civilizations to explore, conquer and exploit.


Yes, there were giants in those days

Well done, Chatbot! See you at #1 Whitehall.

Ad Astra,



The Night Wind said...

I've long suspected that King Chuck the Third had Martian blood. Maybe AI is on to something!

Wild, wild west said...

Watch out where the AI goes,
Don't you eat that cybernetic snow.

Wild, wild west said...

This is allegedly AI generated and just a wee bit spooky:

LSP said...

That's a VERY good point, NIght Wind.

LSP said...

Wild, I'll be very, very careful.

Neat if spooky link.

Let's see if I can get the miserably mundane OpenAI to get a bit more creative.