Thursday, March 16, 2023

Tracer - An Apology


Huh, so-called LSP, we came to this mind blog looking for neat photos of tracer fire and all we got was another Waylon video and a poorly written mini-rant. Guilty as charged, so to make up for the deficiency here's some tracer.

Yes, I want this rig

Russkie tracer

US tracer


There you have it, tracer. Word to the wise, mind how you go shooting these little miscreants in the dry heat of a Texan summer. Don't want to set the countryside alight, you see.

Shoot straight,



Wild, wild west said...

In the glorious days of my misspent yoot, Commie tracers were green. I guess you really can't go home again, wot?

LSP said...

I fear, Wild, that day has passed.

Still, doesn't mean we can't have fun shooting up the countryside. Just don't SET IT ON FIRE.

Adrienne said...

I could use those against my most deadly foe - the dreaded pocket gopher. We had a lot of snow this year and now that spring is here I know what they've been doing all winter - the little scalawags.

LSP said...

Deploy munitions, Adrienne. Too bad there's not a .22 tracer. Oh, apparently you can: