Friday, January 4, 2019

Climate Change Shoot

One of the weird things about the climate is that it changes, no matter how much tax you pay or don't pay our elite rulers. Take Texas. 

Texas famously doesn't pay the weather tax and it's been raining for the last two days, it's been cold too. Go figure, thwart the Illuminati at your peril, but what happened? It stopped raining. That meant shoot.

We loaded up the rig with shotguns and pistols and headed out to the range. Wrap up warm? No, don't bother, the climate's changed and now it's hot and sunny. Wear your Wellington boots though because the range isn't far off a swamp. 

Right out of the gate Junior LSP was smoking clays with a Mossberg 835 Ultimag 12. Good work, kid. I followed on and shot pathetically. Dismal fail. 

But congrats young 'un and congrats 12. I thought the Mossberg was broken and needed a new set of extractors but no, the old beast was right on the money. Word to the wise, clean your weapons.

Next up, CZ's handy Bobwhite SxS 20. Great little gun and we knocked the orange clay adversary out of the sky like screaming Focke Wulfs going down over the Oder. 45s followed, a Glock 21 and a Beretta PX4 Storm.

Here's the the thing. I bought the Beretta years ago when I was pretty much a novice at pistols, apart from a brief exeat with Her Majesty's finest Brownings, which were as rubbish as I was. We made a team, the pistols couldn't hit anything and neither could I.

Whatever and fast forward, I shot thousands of rounds through the jolly PX$ Storm and there it was. Then, thanks to White Wolf Mine Consultancy Plc. I invested in a Glock 21. Same caliber, better gun.

Don't get me wrong, the Beretta's fine, it works, and I like the ergonomics of the grip, but the Glock's better. 

It's simpler, with less parts. It sits lower in the hand. It's sights are better. It's more substantial. Its magazines carry 13 rounds compared to the Storm's lacklustre 9 or 10. The Storm seems lightweight and toylike in comparison, imo.

Whatever, both guns were right on and the kid shot like a champ, plates swinging away like fury. I was impressed.

Then it was time to head for home in the light of a setting Texan sun, mission accomplished. Had we paid our Illuminati rulers some kind of tax for the privilege? 

No, we had not. Had the climate changed? Yes it had. 




Jim said...

We're having some good weather here as well at the moment. It looks like I'll be working the range tomorrow. Generally when things slow a bit, I get some shooting done. I'll be taking an AR I recently built and fiddle with it a while. I tried a Storm once, but didn't care much for it and while I find them simple and reliable, Glocks just don't suit me. I'm fond of the CZ platform. Last year I found an older, lightly used, EAA Witness .45 Compact at a good price. It feels great in my hand and shoots very well. A LGS has a Jericho 941 in .45 that I'm debating as well. The price is at the upper limit of what I'm wiling to pay. Perhaps if it's still there in a couple weeks I'll spring for it. Hope your weather holds out.

Old NFO said...

Range time is ALWAYS good time! And it's obvious that the Glock 'fits' your hand and shooting style! :-)

LSP said...

I've enjoyed building ARs, Jim, though it's been a while and I'd probably have to resort to a few infovids by way of assistance to get back in the swim of things. That said, after I've upgraded shotgun world, I've got a good mind to get a .224 Valkyrie upper. Sounds like a neat round.

And CZs have always appealed, on the wish list.

LSP said...

I've made a resolution to shoot more, NFO. For goodness sake, I have enough guns... and I like Glocks (thanks to LL) but I think the next pistol might be a revolver. There's a mechanical aspect to the things which appeals. Maybe a .357? Well, time will tell!

Anonymous said...

" screaming Focke Wulfs going down over the Oder."
Oh how I love to read LSP. Prose second to none.

LSP said...

Glad to oblige, Anon.