Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Years Eve Fish

Thanks to our old friend Climate Change, New Years Eve dawned pleasantly balmy and it seemed like a good idea to drive over to the dam and try our luck against the aquatic adversary. To be honest I wasn't expecting much, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. So off we went.

The pier was empty, the water murky and the mighty Brazos flowed east towards Waco. "Let's try the famous Texan worm rig, kid," I told junior LSP. And that's exactly what we did, casting off with small baitholders weighted with split shot.

Lo and behold, we were getting tugs on the line within minutes and before long up  came a Black Drum. Result. The young 'un took a little longer to get started  but soon he was on the drum like a yellow vest storming Bregancon. Well done!

Then the bite switched off as the Drum went downstream; similar, when you think about it, to the FISA drop. You could see the fish jumping just out of reach,  tantalizing as the prospect of Lyin' Comey & Co. in Gitmo.

Undaunted, resolute, we fished on and were rewarded by a couple of catfish. They were small but so what, a fish is a fish. Then it was time to head back to the  Compound. 

And I tell you, it was good to get out in the country air and even better to catch something when you weren't expecting to.

Let's hope this augurs well for MAGA 2019.

Tight lines,



Brig said...

Fish on Padre, both for men & fish...

LSP said...

Thanks, Brig. Happy New Year!