Friday, January 11, 2019

Trump American Hero

 LL via Ed has a few things to say about our President:

I think that President Trump is one of the few genuine heroes with an American heart in politics. And there are very few of them. He serves without pay, at great cost to his personal fortune, for the sake of the nation. Draining the swamp and reducing the size of government is what we need above all else. 
For the first time in my life, the Left in 2018, was interrupted in its sequences of uninterrupted victories in their ongoing efforts to destroy life, liberty, joy and faith wherever found. We need to give President Trump a lot of credit.
These are folk who favor contraception, abortion, gay marriage, and campus thought-police. They love riots and turmoil. These are folk who burn the flag, kneel for the anthem, and trample the crucifix.
They want to make Santa Claus gender-neutral and Dr. Who a girl, and they insist on banning “Baby, it’s Cold Outside” as problematical. Each time you think society has reached the basement floor of ugliness, insanity, pointlessness, and inhumanity, the floor breaks, and deeper, darker abysses beckon. There is no bottom.
Reflect on HG Well's Time Machine for a moment if you will.
The Left is divided for convenience sake into two taxonomies: the Morlocks are the self-aware Left, who know and love evil, and are not self deceived. These are the masterminds, the prime movers, the men who know better.
The Eloi are the useful idiots who, acting against their own common sense and self preservation, are lured into a mob, whipped into a frenzy, and stirred into reckless self destruction by the Morlocks.
The names come from a famed science fiction fable where the pride in man’s evolutionary progress is curtly suborned in the reality that progress sometimes means devolution. Also, Morlocks are cave dwellers who work the mechanisms keeping the plantation in motion. The Eloi are their victims and livestock.
The distinction is made lest anyone blame the Eloi for their own self deception. They are guilty of negligence, not malice, and some are so foolish and proud that they have no idea the lemming horde is heading toward the cliff. They think a futuristic paradise awaits them once they leap into the sea.
What awaits them is Venezuela, USSR, Cambodia, and Detroit, otherwise known as Famine, Plague, War and Death.

Outstanding, LL. But for what it's worth, I'd say Trump represents the old, pre-rainbow pantomime America, the one that fought two world wars to save Europe from the Nazis.

Imagine Obama doing that, much less the MillSoc EuroCom stooges that run what was once Christendom on behalf of the banking cabal.

Question is -- Trump, rearguard or vanguard?

Who'd you say your name was?



LL said...

There is a reason why the deep state fears President Trump with every fiber of their being. He is not afraid and he is an American, not a globalist. He doesn't apologize for American exceptionalism and he doesn't care about their money. They need to destroy him, destroy his legacy and until that's done they will sleep restless.

LSP said...

You'll forgive me for quoting you at length but I thought that comment was pretty much right on and needed a broadcast.

Always On Watch said...

President Trump is the antithesis of Progressives; therefore, he is hated and reviled.

I agree that he is today's American Hero.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

As AOW would attest, I disagree with the premise, but more so.......I’ve been genuinely surprised that the right wing has so easily latched onto Trump’s ingrained strategy of appeal to emotion - irrespective of facts.

That’s been the hallmark of Leftists up to now.

Ed Bonderenka said...

It was so hard to imagine him in this role until he filled it.

Jim said...

Well said LL. The comparison to classic Wells is spot on. Sadly, I know far too many Eloi. Some are family.

Adrienne said...

After just finishing The Screwtape Letters (for the gazillionth time), I think LL would make C.S. Lewis proud with his observations.

Always On Watch said...

Some of it — not all — has been caused by desperation. The hard Left has become so strong.

Always On Watch said...

I agree!

Kid said...

That is right on LL. Brief, accurate, and illuminating.

No better example of a globalist than Macron. Lives in a well protected castle while the French people have to live in a no go zone hellhole that just continues to be filled with more moslem savages. No doubt Merkel is in a similar situation as Macron.

I think the 'leaders' in some of the other EU countries are simply clueless and don't understand why the savages can't seem to behave.

As Spock said "It is impossible for barbarians to act like civilized people, but is easy for civilized people to act like barbarians."

Constitutional Insurgent said...

That’s certainly true for some....... I just hate to see any truly Conservative message get distracted and diluted by such intellectually lazy tactics.

LSP said...

CI, it seems we're all about the feels these days and some would call Trump the "Golden Golem of Greatness" or even Pompeius Magnus Redivivus (you can picture a large golden statue...). Still, speaking of feels, Trump certainly makes lb heads explode and that's no small thing.

LSP said...

AOW, the libs really, really hate him. Because literally Hitler.

LSP said...

Ed, I'm with you on that.

LSP said...

Sorry about the family Eloi, Jim. My crew seem alright on that score, thank God.

LSP said...

I love that little book, Adrienne. The Great Divorce is good too; I like the spectral Anglican bishop who's persuaded himself that hell's heaven. All too realistic. And I'd say LL was shooting in the X Ring with that comment.

LSP said...

Kid, they're rioting in France as I type. Let's see if Operation Bank Run gets off the ground. Bad time to be Macron right now, eh? $20k+ on makeup a month notwithstanding.