Monday, January 7, 2019

The Future Of Robotics

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 85 year old liberal Supreme Court Justice with superhuman ability to bounce back from pancreatic cancer, broken ribs and lung cancer? Or cyborg?

Most aging women don't head back to SCOTUS after falling off their chair, breaking their ribs and getting lung cancer. No, their aged bodies can't handle that kind of damage.

Which is why experts believe Ruth Bader Ginsburg isn't a human being but a cyborg. Once a human, now an infernal marriage of flesh and machine, the Ginsburg doesn't die. Or will it?

I know, the vote's out, but picture the freakshow circus when it happens. Do you remember Kavanaugh?

Now picture that off the hook insanity cubed to infinity.




LL said...

I will make an "I shit you not" prediction. The lefty law clerks who work for RBG will write opinions "in her style" and will cast opinions that "she would have handed down, were she there." So long as the withered heart beats in that hollow chest (and they can keep her rotting body alive a long time on a heart lung machine), she will remain "on the Supreme Court".

Jim said...

♪♫In the year 2525♪♫
"Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg gave the dissenting opinion..."

LSP said...

LL, you are a prophet.

LSP said...

What an excellent song, Jim!

Kid said...

So, the next DJ Trump appointment might be Amy Barret. Purported to be Conservative.

What will they hit her with? They'll find some dude who will claim she raped him when he was 12. He won't remember where or when exactly, and he won't remember any identifying marks on her body or what she even looked like, sounded like, smelled like, and all the supposed witnesses he mentions will laugh and say he is full of it, but the dems will trot out this homosexual lying sack of you know what anyway based on a 'confidential' letter to kamala harris that looks like it was written by charlie manson while tripping on LSD. I'm guessing.