Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Build The Walls!

Yes, walls, plural. Everyone knows that a big wall on the southern border makes sense, unless you're a human trafficker, drug runner, cartel kingpin or vote hungry Democrat. But what about the threat from the North?

A Typical Northern Workers Paradise

That's right, the horde of northerners fleeing failed socialist utopias like Illinois and New Jersey or the workers paradise hell holes of cities like Baltimore and Detroit. Where are these refugees heading, to what haven? The South, of course, and who can blame them.

We Need Two Walls

Problem being, the refugees take their ideology with them, they still fly the rainbow hammer and sickle flags of their homeland. They are a threat to the Southland. This means another wall has to be built, a strong, high and beautiful wall, a wall along the Mason-Dixon line. 

Artist's Impression of Wall Amusement Park Tourist Destination

Who will pay for the wall? The booming economies of the South, and once built it'll pay for itself. Tourism, hotels, restaurants, fun parks, exotic hunting preserves, sporting clubs and more; this northern wall, like it's southern sister, will be a revenue center, handsomely rewarding farsighted initial investment. And the refugees?

A Beautiful Golden Wall!

They can return home and rebuild their shattered states or be funneled into Colorado. I know, some readers of this popular mind blog might object to the latter option so let's stick with the first.Then there's the "California Question."

That too must be addressed.

All for Dixie,



LL said...

The border between Arizona and California needs to be fortified against the ongoing CALEXIT. I'm not being hard on the refugees (cue Tom Petty)because I was one. But no more. It's time to call a stop to immigration from California to free America. Visa applicants must be thoroughly vetted. If they aren't wearing a MAGA hat, no entry. No way!

Adrienne said...

As long as they don't show up in Idaho, I don't care where they go.

drjim said...

We already have enough wackos here in Colorado, Parson!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I would settle for a wall around Boulder County, CO.

Fredd said...

Reverend: as a resident of Illinois (and also a property tax payer in Kerrville, TX!), I might point out that you lump all residents of Illinois into one category: liberal parasites who bring their ideology with them when they move.

Not so. Illinois, if you look at the county voting record map, is almost entirely beet red. The blue parts of it are in the counties where the liberal sponging hoardes reside - Springfield (the capital where all $$ is disbursed), and of course Cook County, where dead people vote in droves, and near the outskirts of St. Louis, also a festering hell hole of liberalism. THose leaving the state are primarily red county conservatives who are fed up with sky high property taxes, gasoline taxes, sales taxes, income taxes and soda taxes. And a few other taxes that don't come to mind, all contrived by the liberal majorities to subsidize the sloth and parasitic populations of the tiny blue counties....

Much like California, where most of the dirt there is red, except for the coastal areas and Hollywood, where scumbags such as Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein hang out.

LindaG said...

I was going to suggest sending them to Kalifornia or New York where everyone will soon have free health care, according to DeBlahsio.

I do like the idea of a wall on the Mason-Dixon Line...

LSP said...

I'm with you, LL. SERIOUS vetting from hereon in. No MAGA hat? No entry.

Yes, it sounds harsh but there's too much at stake for misguided sentimemtality.

LSP said...

Adrienne, Free America must be protected from the leftist horde. Maybe they can resettle Detroit.

LSP said...

I know, drjim. Maybe Colorado needs some kind of "wacko repatriation" scheme?

LSP said...

That, WSF, sounds like a worthy campaign. We need a BIG wall around Austin, btw.

LSP said...

Thanks for the clarification, Fredd. I think LL's plan has a lot of merit.

EXTREME vetting. That way libs from, say, Springfield can't get in but GENUINE refrugees get a pass.

LSP said...

I think that's an excellent suggeation, Linda.

And yes, we clearly need two walls. Maybe more.

Old NFO said...

Funny how 'walls' work well in other countries... Sigh...

Kid said...

I do Believe the final answer is a divorce between the left and right based on irreconcilable differences. Split the country in two. Their new country can be called libtardia-multiculturalia-PCVille (since they love hyphenated names)

We will retain the America name.

How do we purge ourselves of the resident libtards you ask.

We firm up the constitution. We make the 2nd Amendment a whole paragraph that does not allow localities legislate Any gun control laws for example, nor does it allow some mentally diseased SC jurist to get confused about it.

We declare islam illegal based on its total failure to align with our human rights based Constitution. No mosques, No public displays of anything islamic.

We stop paying able bodied people to sit home, smoke weed and breed. They'll deport themselves.

We put lawyers in jail who file frivolous lawsuits that destroy our culture or health care systems or anything important to an excellent standard of living. Well, maybe not jail but take their license at least.

You get the idea.

LindaG said...

I love that, Kid. I really do. If only!

Kid said...

Thank you Linda :-) I really do believe it is the only way. There is zero chance of the left and right coming together at this point.

America was created/revolution ignited based upon a 1-2% (?) tax on tea. We have 40% or more of our income stolen by the government, local, state and fed. Does America have it in our genes to be reborn?

LindaG said...

Hubby and I have often talked about this, Kid. Something similar to LSP's Mason-Dixon wall. If Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia (and maybe a few other states) succeeded from the Union, I believe we could be self sufficient.

Hubby mentioned the needing trade and a military, but I think we could manage that. Then there'd be passports or some crap to get out of the Southern States of America, but yes. I do like your idea.

I don't see any of the congress people doing anything worth a paycheck any more. The art of discussion and agreement are sadly gone, I believe.

Kid said...

I think most of fly over country would be with us. But beside the Gulf Coast states, we'd want some East coast exposure/access, maybe N and S Carolina.

Then we take Southern California by force so we retain Camp Pendleton and banish all the tards to San Fran and the Northern coastal states. Those idiots like it cold and rainy anyway. Our new White House would be in Austin Texas - unless we also kept DC, but that place is such a mess people-wise. Guess we could banish the riff-raff. :-)

LindaG said...

I see no reason to keep DC. The demoncrats have to have somewhere and they have messed it up enough.
Sorry to the founders. President Trump is having enough trouble trying to drain the swamp. Wouldn't want to inherit that mess.

Austin works for me, if it's not a liberal socialist bastion.

We may want a new Library of Congress for the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Federalist Papers.

Kid said...

So be it Linda ! Lets take and move the Smithsonian though. They have no use for history.

We will push them out of Austin and that was my wish. They've been taking Conservative sanctuaries through liberal migration so let's take theirs as part of this process.

Yes we must also take the founding documents. Lets do that first on the down low.

LSP said...

Kid, with Linda, I like this plan a lot. And yes, an expeditionary force will have to be launched to liberate California, except for SF which can remain as an autonomous socialist enclave. Maybe LA too, which is weird and off the hook.

But what about Austin? Yes, I like the concept, but there'll have to be a purge. Maybe the "they'll deport themselves" clause in the manifesto will do the trick.

LSP said...

Linda, I agree. And let DC go, it's a strange city anyway and at this point maybe irredeemable.

Of course Austin will have to be... reformed.

Kid said...

Austin? We will go through Libtards like crap through a goose. Liberals will not even be able to sleep in the new America. It will be like their brains are overrun with fire ants to even be that close to us. There will be no fake news. No LGBT support (except LGBTQ = Let's Get Behind Trump Quickly) No PC, No SJW, NO Nothing that feeds their addiction for nonsense.
They'll self-deport to NYC even if they have to abandon their homes and walk.

Fredd said...

Kid/Linda/Pastor: agree that the day of reckoning is coming. Politics is no longer politely discussed, it is savagely spewed. No middle ground is possible.

Who gets the dog in the split up?

I don't think it will be settled in front of a judge or an arbitration panel. No, this split will be akin to the Civil War; bullets, bayonets, you know, people wielding pointy things, and tossing stuff that goes bang.

YEs, the times they are a changin'.