Saturday, January 5, 2019

France Kicks Off - Again

The French despise their globalist elite ruler, Emmanuelle Macron, and who can blame them? While the people sweat under the highest taxation in the world, their Illuminati puppet ruler cavorts in the luxury of an NWO, $31.5 million castle lifestyle.

Eric Drouet

Bad enough, but now the people scorn their green overlord even more because he imprisoned one of their leaders, a yellow vest truck driver, Eric Drouet. Displeased by this, the French have taken to the streets yet again in a display of wrath. 

Some see this as a warning to our own corrupt political elite. Here's DocD, via Zero:

The Rothchild’s puppet said: “We can’t work less, earn more, cut taxes and increase spending.” But isn’t that what he is offering all those african and islamic imports?  At the behest of his masters, he impoverished his countrymen and enriched the few at the top while, at the same time, accomplishing the task of deluding ​​​​​​ the French society... The only question is when the time will come for our deep state monsters? 


But isn’t that what he is offering all those african and islamic imports? Of course there's nothing going on like this here, which is why no one's platforming on open borders and massive immigration to the US. Except that they are.

Who wins from that, whether in France, the UK, America or anywhere else in the West. The existing workforce? What little we have left of our culture? Or transnational elite politicians and their Big Rainbow corporate paymasters.

The French Protestors Are Just a Gang of Hippies. Yeah, Like These Soldiers.

Good question and here's another.  Do you think the PR/Marketeer geniuses behind call it a green tax and all the hippie lemmings will fall over themselves to pay it misjudged their pitch?

Just you wait 'til Britain's had enough, much less the US.




LL said...

I like the idea of wearing your war medals on your yellow vest.

The French government is a (sad) comedy of errors as they hit every rock in their ship of state.

LSP said...

That image struck me too, LL, and it seems as though the NWO train's coming off the rails in France.

Imagine the equivalent here in the US. Smart people are investing in the highlands...

RHT447 said...

"Imagine the equivalent here in the US."

Indeed. Events may well borrow your title "Climate change shoot".

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Never doubted the French people have courage. Their leaders, not so much.

LSP said...

Let's hope not, RHT. I can see things getting out of hand... quickly.

LSP said...

WSF, I know it's weird but the French people seem to lack confidence in their Rothschild puppet ruler.