Friday, January 18, 2019

Government Shutdown - The Poetry

It is shut down now
And you weep and gnash your teeth?
The bird sings with joy.

What better way to capture the pathos, the triumph, the victory, the sheer poetry of the Government Shutdown than in verse? Perhaps the haiku says it best:

Climb aboard the bus!
But the flight is cancelled.
Yes there is a God.

And from Kid:

I love tree barks most
I love ants climbing tree barks
Scr*w the democrats.

So haunting! LL, inspired by the muse, wrote these trenchant lines:

Hillary is Satan's Valentine,
Her husband Bill takes ANYTHING that walks on two legs.
They are model Democrats.

And one reader sent this:

When the Government is all shut down 
And Jupiter aligns with Mars 
Then walls will guard the borders 
And MAGA will steer the stars.

Beautiful, isn't it. Do you have a Government Shutdown poem? Please don't be shy, send it in.

Age of Aquarius,



LL said...

Will the government shut down last until Easter?

And will all of the drones be resurrected by Congress then?

Or will they all be furloughed for good?

The whole haiku format makes it easier to write bad poetry doesn't it?

There's not a lot of desperation on the part of bureaucrats, because they know that they'll get back pay so it's really more of a holiday for them. A friend of mine (furloughed) just took his wife and three kids on a five-day Disney cruise while on 'vacation'. Except that he did not have to use vacation days. Nice work if you can get it.

LSP said...

Bad poetry?!? But LL, there's a lot of power in "Hillary is Satan's Valentine." Of course part of the poetry lies in the joy of the cruising bureaucrats, captured, I think, in these important lines, "And you weep and gnash your teeth? The bird sings with joy."

Please, someone, anyone, drain the swamp.

The Egyptian said...

titled; Karma is a bitch

There was an old witch from DC
Who had it in her mind to flee
From responsibilities she deemed to trite
When on the bus she did see to her fright
The fury of the great maga so bright
To end her flight in disgust
And be thrown under the bus
and Shiff for brains did alight
With his eyes popping out of his head

I failed poetry class

Kid said...

Oh, I like that last one on your post.

After 30 days, that'll be Sunday, Trump can eliminate some of these positions. I hope he eliminates about 700,000 of the 800k. He has nothing to lose as the fed 'workers' don't vote repub or Trump anyway, and the media can't possible hammer him any more than they are right now.

Then this will have some value.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

Something there is that doesn't love a wall.
That sends the frozen-ground-swell under it,
Pelosi's botox face.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Of the two furloughed I know of, one is an FAA inspector/manager.
The other a forensics investigator.
Not a good sample of the type to RIF.

My favorite poet is Tarzana Joe.

Always On Watch said...

The dawning if the Age of Aquarius!

LSP said...

Egyptian, I know you're modest and that's a great and perhaps foundational virtue but what a good poem!Thanks for sending it in, posted.

LSP said...

Totally with you, Kid.

LSP said...

Infidel! That's beautiful, posted.

LSP said...

Ah, Ed. I thought your poem was excellent but this...

I never doubted government
No not in the slightest
For the people we elected
Were the best-est and the brightest
Their ideas were spectacular
Their plans would never fail
For they likely went to Harvard
Or if not, they went to Yale
Lately, though, their leadership
Is more of a disaster
And I think that second graders
Could solve our problems faster...

Is genius.

Tarzana Joe forever.

LSP said...


Anonymous said...

Swamp draining detail reporting for duty. We start with Trump.

LSP said...

As in open order, Anon, right dress.