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Tuesday, October 13, 2020


Get a haircut, hippy

We'd been planning a shoot for some time but things kept getting in the way, broken femurs, a boy graduating Basic, climate change, a deadly Chinese plague, you name it, all conspired to keep us off the range. Until today.

RHT drove over from the DFW connurb and we headed off to J's place to try out some weaponry. All well and good, and then disaster! My rig sank into the sand of an ancient seabed on the way to our objective and had to be pulled out by a handy tractor. Obstacle overcome, we set up at 200 yards and shot.

J knows how to shoot

I went first with an Aero Precision AR10 firing 168 grain .308. Would it work and more to the point, would I remember how to shoot? 

Watch out kids, don't bet the monkey, but I did, just, and ended up with a decent group in the 10 ring, which should've been in the X. RHT followed up with a Hogue stocked .308 Howa and a Redfield scoped M1A. They shot well, very well.

Good Call

Now, all of the above were great to shoot and made considerably more accurate by RHT and J's hand loads. I don't reload or cast bullets, unlike these two very friendly competition shooters, and was struck by the difference. Wow. Speaking of which, RHT and J's Howas were X-Ring on the money for a ridiculously low price. I want one.

Do Not Scorn This

Then, after a quick remedial bout with .45s it was time for lunch at Los Verdes, which always serves excellent Mexican food. Did we discuss the satanic evil of Marxism, the wickedness of banksters and the importance of wine? Possibly. You be the judge.

Back at the range it was time for RHT to roll out an 1872 Remington .50-70 and an 1873 Trapdoor Springfield .45-70. For me, this was the high point of the shoot. There's something about firing these now exotic and antique firearms which appeals. Is it the history of the thing, their provenance, or the nature of the guns themselves? There they are, muskets turned into rifles.

Regardless, the Remington wasn't too keen to get on paper but the Springfield noisily got on a gong, in the appx. 10 ring in my hands and in J's it was hitting the bull. With iron sights. At 200 yards. All 1873 of it. We were amazed. This old rifle was outshooting... ahem. What a lot of fun.

RHT on his awesome M1A

We finished off with some AR action, J stealing the show with a series of X-Ring excellence. 3 shots, left to right touching on the X. A testament to Geissele, the barrel, Nightforce optics, the loads and the shooter himself. Seriously, a lot of people would've been pleased with that group at 50 yards with a .17 HMR. Good shooting.

Random LSP guns

And that was that. Huge enjoyment out in the clean air and big skies of Texas. And about time that this shooter actually got out and shot. Big thanks to RHT for getting the wheels rolling and thanks too to J for such warm hospitality, and a great range which goes out to 1000 yards.


Hmmm, can I shoot that far? Good question, perhaps it's time to learn. We'll see about that and calling the shot as this mission progresses.

In the meanwhile, thanks guys for a great day out, what a perfect result.

Shoot straight,


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Range is Hot

Keen-eyed readers of this well known mind blog will have noticed that it's been raining in Texas because the state hasn't paid George Soros' hated Weather Tax. We prefer to stand free of that and other NWO, Green Globalist carry-on. 

With that in mind, two Top Experts drove over from Dallas to the Compound, in search of a shoot.

We set up at Chandler's, somewhere between Whitney and Waco and tested out a couple of rifles, a Remington 700, a Winchester Featherweight and a Sako nice-as-you-like-I-want-one. All chambered in 30-06, the American round. How did the weapons shoot? 

Right on the money. The Sako was new and topped off with some kind of German optic which the Experts wanted to sight in. They did; well done Team. A beautiful rifle and all the more so for its variable trigger. 

On one setting it's light enough and crisp; on another, achieved by cocking the rifle and pushing the trigger forward, it's super-light, maybe 1Ib. Just touch it and BOOM, off flies a mighty 30-06, 180 grain bullet. Nice work, Sako.

The Remington 700 did well too, cheers, pawn shop, sending rounds down range with far more accuracy than the operator warranted. Breathe, LSP, you'll be a better shot.

Shoulders battered by mighty cannonry, we headed for home and here's the thing. Time spent at the range is never wasted. At the very least you'll get some fresh air and the chance to reconnect with your marksmanship. 

Who knows, maybe that'll prove useful in the hunting field and elsewhere.

Your  Old Pal,


Friday, December 9, 2016

Vicarious Swine

"It was either a pig or a doe. I shot the pig, perhaps because it seemed like an enemy," said my philisophical ally, and I have to agree. Spare the doe, shoot the porcuswine!

I won't say I'm not jealous.

Good shot,


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

In The Hall of The Turkey Grill

We were looking for hogs, somewhere in West Texas, in a Pinzgauer, eyes peeled and guns hot. Off to the left, slight movement, not pigs but turkey, three or four of them, a couple of hens and a tom. Out! sight on the birds. 

Quick, they're starting to fly. Crack, someone's got a shot off. Feathers drift in the near distance and we move forward to see if the bird was down. It was.

stand on a stool or something, LSP

Shot with a Winchester 70 30-06, of all things. Good work. Back at the ranch house we breasted the bird and that was that, it went into the freezer. Until last night.

The Turk found itself in a dutch oven, potatoes went into another oven and a Glock somehow made its way onto the mahogany. Did the Turk taste good?

Sure it did, and the firearm proved itself a stable home defender. You better believe no one crept in under the perimeter. And that was that.

Feast on,


Friday, July 22, 2016

Hands up Don't Shoot!

On second thoughts, no, shoot a lot. Today that meant taking a sporterized SMLE and a Remington 700, 30-06, down to the range for a quick dial-in before next week's hog hunt in West Texas.

100 Year Old (almost) Lee & Younger Shooter

We started with the venerable Lee, which was made in 1917 and saw several "refits" before ending up as a porch project at the Compound. It shot well, for a rifle that's nearly 100 years old, and I like to imagine its history, as indicated by a cacophany of stampings on the receiver. Hopefully it'll bring down a pig or two.

Shoot That Gun

The Remington 700 was next up and performed flawlessly, a far more accurate rifle than I am and a lot of fun to shoot. It's topped off with an old Redfield scope with a built in range finder, which I always forget how to use. Youtube, come to the rescue!


Satisfied that both rifles were on to minute of hog, we finished off with some gentle .22 plinking against steel plates and a couple of ice tea cans. Take that, plate, and you too, can. We have your measure.

Kindly Old LSP

Then, parched by an afternoon with guns in the fierce Texan sun, the team fell back to base for some refreshing drinks of Global Cooling and the satisfaction of a successful evolution.

Blue Congressman

Well done, HQ Troop. I'll pretend I didn't hear you teasing Blue Congressman with a squirrel call...

Round in the chamber,


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mighty Hunter

A seasoned veteran of the intelligence community threatens to visit for a pig hunt in April and I think his method goes roughly like this. Wait for a massive tusker to charge you and then, calmly, deliberately, shoot it with a .357 Magnum revolver. Probably a Colt Python. In the meanwhile, LSP stands back with a 30 of some sort and a sharp kukri. 

LL Visits Texas

With that in mind, here's a typical hunting tale. 

As I patrolled along a hi-fenceline the dog came to a point, all attention, and there, 150 yards downhill to my left was a giant black pig, black hair bristling menacingly in the hot white light of a Texan morning.

Someone's Pig Hunt Gone Wrong

Fast as you like and maybe faster, up comes my AR, red dot hold on the shoulder of the pig, breathe, squeeze the trigger and... nothing. Try it again, is the gun broken? and... nothing. A split second of consternation.

Random Pictograph Somewhere in Texas

Then thumb-off the safety, fire, and the hog's running like a speeding maglev, barreling through the dystopian ruins of Detroit towards the Windsor tunnel. That one got off to fight again another day. 

Maybe this good fortune will change sometime soon.

Attention to detail,


Monday, September 28, 2015

Church Membership

I was pleased to see some new faces at one of the Missions yesterday, after all, the Church must grow and the more the merrier. Following the Mass, one of the newcomers asked me if I'd like to go out to his lease for some hunting.

"Come on out for a few days," he said, "there's deer and pigs. Just get back to me with a few dates, whatever's best for you!"

I accepted, of course, and thanked him for his kindness, saying that I had a 30-06 that needed some exercise. Then he asked how to become a member of the church. 

"Inviting the pastor on a hunting trip is a very good start."

For some reason there's no ban on Confederate flags here. But that's a different story.



Monday, August 24, 2015

Black Monday!

The markets were tanking, so I went for a shoot with GWB. The guns were black, although my pal took his 30-06, Winchester Model 70 Featherweight, which is wood and steel. 

Market Forces

He wanted to sight it in before going on a shooting safari in Africa. I've asked him to send me a monkey.

Get in the X Ring

Winchester dialed in, it was time for some battle rifle action. I shot at the 100 yard bench and the ARs seemed on and well capable of Minute of Crashing Dow (MCD).

Man Down in the War on Weather

The pistols worked too, as witnessed by a handily swinging steel plate. But here's the thing, we're in a war against the weather, as well as market forces and their bankster backers. This took its toll. 

Your Old Friend

It's raining now. I thank God for that.


Monday, April 27, 2015

Cooking, With LSP

You can't cook with LSP, you mutter, darkly. Ah, but you can, and this is how it's done. Get a rifle, maybe a .270, a 30-06, or a .303, even a 5.56 will do, whatever, and go out and shoot a ferocious hog. Smaller is better.

Paint the Deck, LSP

Turn the vicious tusker into spicy sausage. That done, slice up the meat into patties and put it in a frying pan. Smile contentedly as you dial up the heat, and watch that sausage fry, filling your house with the delicious smell of sizzling wild pig.

Serve it up with eggs, any style you like, and mushrooms, or with nothing at all, there's no rule. Then say grace and eat your meal like a warrior.

And that's cooking, with...


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Friday, December 5, 2014

Pumpkin Shoot.

Exhausted by the seriousness of First Things, I headed off to the range with some rifles, a pistol and some pumpkins. Nothing complicated; set up the pumpkins and shoot them with the guns. That was my plan.

And that's what I did. I was going to name the pumpkins, Old Tory, Little Lib, Rural Dean, etc. very funny. But I didn't.

I just shot them with an AR 15, a .45, a .22 and a 30-06.

The 06, an old Remington 700 ADL, dealt out furious damage, blasting great chunks out of the hapless Halloween ornaments and I was pleased to see my scope was pretty much dead on. The other guns worked fine too, but for sheer drop the pumpkin down power the 30-06 was a stand-out winner.

So I learned something today. If you go up against pumpkins, take a 30-06 to the fight. You'll win.

Shoot straight,


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Shoot the 700!

1970s Remington 700 ADL, 30-06

The question everyone's asking is, "How does your Remington 700 shoot, LSP?" I went down to my friend's range to find out. Would this '70s gun, complete with its old Redfield Lo-Pro scope, work, I asked myself. To be honest, I wasn't expecting the scope to be up to much after 30+ years of use, but I needn't have worried. Both scope and rifle performed flawlessly, with the former dialing in easily enough.

Nice One

I shot around 50 rounds, with the best shots falling nicely in the X Ring at 100 yards. So what's the verdict?

The Remington 700 ADL, at least in its early '70s incarnation, seems to be a handy, good looking rifle. I especially liked the action, which was fast and smooth, and I liked the feel of the gun, it felt right at the shoulder and came quickly to target. The Lo-Pro isn't bad either, and I'd be interested to see how well its Accu-Trac rangefinder/BDC functions on shots out past 200 yards. But that's for the future. 

X Ring Tomfoolery at 100 yards

In the meanwhile: Is it accurate? Accurate as you like and then some. Does it have power? Yes. Mighty 30-06 power. Would you recommend it to a friend? I most definitely would. Does your shoulder hurt? Yes it does. Maybe I will get a decelerator pad. Has the Remington 700 inspired you to take up distance shooting and hunt more? For sure. I see a lot of game stocking the freezer of the compound in the near future.

So well done, Remington, for producing a fine rifle. The old 700 ADL is a proper little blaster; get one if you can find a decent deal.