Friday, July 22, 2016

Hands up Don't Shoot!

On second thoughts, no, shoot a lot. Today that meant taking a sporterized SMLE and a Remington 700, 30-06, down to the range for a quick dial-in before next week's hog hunt in West Texas.

100 Year Old (almost) Lee & Younger Shooter

We started with the venerable Lee, which was made in 1917 and saw several "refits" before ending up as a porch project at the Compound. It shot well, for a rifle that's nearly 100 years old, and I like to imagine its history, as indicated by a cacophany of stampings on the receiver. Hopefully it'll bring down a pig or two.

Shoot That Gun

The Remington 700 was next up and performed flawlessly, a far more accurate rifle than I am and a lot of fun to shoot. It's topped off with an old Redfield scope with a built in range finder, which I always forget how to use. Youtube, come to the rescue!


Satisfied that both rifles were on to minute of hog, we finished off with some gentle .22 plinking against steel plates and a couple of ice tea cans. Take that, plate, and you too, can. We have your measure.

Kindly Old LSP

Then, parched by an afternoon with guns in the fierce Texan sun, the team fell back to base for some refreshing drinks of Global Cooling and the satisfaction of a successful evolution.

Blue Congressman

Well done, HQ Troop. I'll pretend I didn't hear you teasing Blue Congressman with a squirrel call...

Round in the chamber,



The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Nice to see you out and about. Get that Pig shot, its been a long time!

lukeya said...

Let those evil hogs have it Padre!!!

LindaG said...

Pork chops and bacon in your future? Good luck!

LSP said...

Thanks, Bushwacker. Far too long... let's see how things go next week. Should be fun.

LSP said...

We'll do our very best, Lukeya!

LL said...

Are you taking the Congressman on the pig hunt? Congressmen are so good at finding porkbarrel spending opportunities that it might be a good fit. On the other hand, it might be more than his old heart can handle.

Good luck on the hunt.

Euripides said...

If the hog hunt doesn't work out, at least you will be well prepared to continue the war on weather.

Theodore said...

Huzzah on all fronts!

Let slip the dogs (rifles) of war (on hogs)!