Monday, July 18, 2016

Knave Altar

The Brompton Oratory Before Reform

From Geoffrey Kirk at IHC:
It has just been revealed that, on the night of July 14, a posse of twenty-five hastily recruited and commissioned Vicars General, at the behest of Cardinal Vincent Nichols, gained entry to the Brompton Oratory and forcibly installed a westward-facing altar.
The Cardinal’s representatives dismantled the existing High Altar – an action described by Catholic commentator and blogger Damian Thompson as ‘reminiscent of the worst excesses of the French Revolution’ – and replaced it with an altar table and matching ambo ‘tastefully handcrafted in limed oak’, donated for the purpose by Messrs Vanpoulles Ltd.
In what was described by the Sacristan as ‘a rampage fuelled by mindless ideology’ other altars were dismantled or defaced and a bonfire of liturgical music (Monteverdi, Mozart, Haydn, Durufle, Bruckner) was started in the nave, around which the Vicars General danced, singing worship songs by Paul Inwood and Bernadette Farrell.

A typical praise scene at the Oratory this week

At least they weren't dressed as clowns, or were they?

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LL said...

Well they don't have the full big-top face paint going, but the outfits and the antics would make Bozo proud.

LSP said...

What can we say? Vatican 2, empty the pew.

lukeya said...

Is that true LSP? Why the hell would Nichols do such a thing?

Euripides said...

Most of Christendom is populated by clowns anymore. They have to appeal to the new ignorant masses.

LSP said...

GK having fun, Lukeya, but all too sadly believable...

LSP said...

Nothing like a good Clown Mass, Euripides!