Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Train Hard, Think Positive, Fight Easy

What do you do when you're a recruit in the the DLC (Dallas Light Cavalry, Irreg.) and you're looking to join the Mess? 

You get running.

Attention to detail,



LL said...

Normally you'd set Blue Congressional Minority Leader on him to push him to the limit with the hound on his heels. What happened? Are you getting soft? Did Blue Pelosi have to chase a mailman or something?

LSP said...

Blue Congressman decided to stay home and sleep. You'll note that was on OUR DIME.

LindaG said...

I think I understand Dallas Light Cavalry, Irreg. - which would be on horseback, yes?
But I'm not sure about Mess, which I would expect to mean the crew that serves the officers' meals. So yes, I am clueless, haha.

On another note. Fort Polk here in LA has its roots in the cavalry, and they have always had a small herd of horses allowed to 'roam free' on a section of the base. Sadly, they are going to round up the horses this year and get rid of them. One would hope to good homes, but with the government now days, who really knows?

Good luck? ^_^

Mattexian said...

Running in a Central Texas summer is certainly a cheap way to torture oneself. I guess the DLC doesn't do PT before sunrise? (I discovered the outdoor activities advisor on my Weather Channel app, and it suggests running between midnight and 4 AM, most days.) I already fell out from heat illness during an FX, in our semi-full battle rattle (old woodland BDUs and ALICE web harness); I have no interest in repeating that, thank you.

Something, something, only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun.