Sunday, July 31, 2016

Wake Up!

You're sleepy? Look here, you bandits. The day starts at 5.

And so it did, starting with day one. By the time the sun was rising, there we were, on the way to somewhere in Texas to hunt hogs. We passed through Gustine, Blanket, Brownwood, San Angelo and weren't too far from Mexico.

Switch on, Bandits

"So whaddya do if you meet an illegal alien, kids?" Moment of silence and then, "Send him up to the Mother Ship?" Another moment of silence, "Well, I'd give them a meal and a beer. Then maybe I'd build a wall."

If You Meet The Buddha on The Road...

We set up up camp and got after the pigs. That meant climbing up into stands and scouting trails, and the result?

Therein lies another tale.

Gun Rights,



LL said...

We call illegal aliens (used to be 'wet backs') "guests in our country" now. A beer and a burger would be a start, but then they need food stamps, aid for dependent children, welfare, housing assistance, and the DREAM Act benefits - tuition free ride at the university at their choice. All this provides social justice reparations.

So when you find a guest, whether they originate in Latin America or in the Middle East, please thank them and give them whatever cash you have in your wallet, and maybe a credit card with a high limit.

If you see a hawg, you can shoot. That goes for a coon too.

Fredd said...

I'm I bit confused, Pastor. I lived in San Angelo for perhaps three years altogether, and I seem to recall that it is every bit of a four hour drive from San Angelo, TX to the Mexican border. Actually, starting in San Angelo, it is every bit of a four hour drive to get anywhere.

LSP said...

We didn't see any wetbacks, LL. That's not to say there weren't any.

LSP said...

We were around an hour+ out of SA, Fredd, so appx 2.5/3 hours from the border. Not too far.

LindaG said...

Hogs are starting to be a problem in parts of Louisiana, too. Not here yet, fortunately.

Fredd said...

Ah, Kerrville then, eh? Our new digs are there. Or Boerne (pronounced the same as the old, grouchy socialist who should have won the Democratic nomination had he not been cheated blind by the old crone who wound up stealing the nod).

LSP said...

They're a right menace, Linda.

LSP said...

Looks like the Old Crone ran off with that one, Fredd. Come to think of it, she seems to get away with quite a lot. Remember Benghazi.