Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Way of The Axe

You can ride your unicorn over the rainbow as you listen to Give Peace a Chance, like a thieving two-bit hippy, or you can get down to business and get an axe, a hand axe, from one of the local pawns. I chose the latter option.

Note #4 -- Finish The Project, LSP

It was an old Stanley, lying there nonchalantly amidst cast off socket sets, broken hacksaws and rusty screwdrivers. Sure, the axe was beat up, but right away I knew it could be restored to fighting glory. A few minutes and a couple of bucks later, You take cash? Yessir, we do, the axe was back at the Compound.

Getting There

After Mass, I sanded it down with 100 grit paper, applied some cold blue and polished the beast up with gun oil and steel wool. It seemed appropriate to do that alongside a Lee Enfield project; wood and steel.

Good Result

So there it was, one axe back in business, and you never know, maybe this hatchet will come in handy in these dark and barbarous times. 

Dedicated Family Man?

In related news, you might like this, about the holy martyr, Philando Castile.

Your Pal,



Adrienne said...

That's a beautiful axe, LSP.

Saint Castile is discussing the whole situation with God, and it's not looking good for him. This brings me no happiness, as I wish redemption for everyone.

LL said...

Great find and restoration job, LSP!

Theodore said...

Good looking hatchet/tomahawk.

About that Lee-Enfield - what model is it? SMLE MKIII? Or is it the black gun in the picture? In which case I didn't know they were making AR type rifles, though wouldn't be surprised.

LSP said...

I was pleased with that little axe, Adrienne. They surface at one of the local pawns from time to time. Part of me thinks they'd make good presents, another part of me wants to hoard them against the Eschaton.

LSP said...

Thanks, LL. A decent little rescue axe; I like that old pattern.

LSP said...

Thanks, Theodore. The stripped down rifle in the photo is a Lee Enfield Mk. 4 No. 1 -- I think it dates from 1943, though I'd have to check.

I bought it very cheaply from a friend a few years back, previously sporterized, and plan to turn it into the approximation of a scout rifle -- iron sights, forward mounted scope, bolt action, 10 round magazine. It needs a bit of 'smith work first before I can get started on the wood. Must get that project finished.

Theodore said...

Aha! I see it now. On a quick glance it's tough to tell what it exactly it is without the stock, etc. Very cool. Good luck with it. Hopefully I get to shoot it down the road someday.

GruntOfMonteCristo said...

Love the hand ax!