Monday, September 28, 2015

Church Membership

I was pleased to see some new faces at one of the Missions yesterday, after all, the Church must grow and the more the merrier. Following the Mass, one of the newcomers asked me if I'd like to go out to his lease for some hunting.

"Come on out for a few days," he said, "there's deer and pigs. Just get back to me with a few dates, whatever's best for you!"

I accepted, of course, and thanked him for his kindness, saying that I had a 30-06 that needed some exercise. Then he asked how to become a member of the church. 

"Inviting the pastor on a hunting trip is a very good start."

For some reason there's no ban on Confederate flags here. But that's a different story.




LL said...

He sounds like an OUTSTANDING prospective member!!

The cake may have been the tipping point that brought him into the fold...a compelling bribe.

LSP said...

Yes, Yes, YES.